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E9 Spring Exam Rev

Review for English Nine Spring Exam - Research and Clauses

How many note cards should you have for each source? No specific number
Where should the keyword be written on a note card? Top left corner
Where should the source number be written on a note card? Top right corner
Where should the author's last name be written on a note card? Bottom center
Where should the evidence be written on a note card? Middle center
What is the least reliable domain name extension? .com
What should begin with a hook, include a transition, and end with a thesis sentence? Introduction
What is the last sentence of the introduction and mentions the position of your argument? Thesis
What sentence supports your position and states your claims. Topic
What is the last sentence of your paragraph which indicates the paragraph has come to an end and is moving onto the next? Conclusion
What is taken directly from a source, word-for-word, and supports a claim? Evidence
What is the reason/point the writer is arguing for? Claim
What is the evidence that disagrees with the claim? Counterclaim
What explains how or why the evidence supports the claim? Warrant
What recognizes the position of the opposition? Rebuttal
What type of evidence includes numbers that are logical and concrete which are used to support the claim? Statistics
What type of evidence includes examples from your or another's experiences? Anecdotes
What type of evidence includes evidence from leading experts or authorities? Quotations
What type of evidence includes cannot be argued and come from reading, observation, or personal experience? Facts
What is the point of the parenthetical notation? To credit where you found the information
The word in the parenthetical notation is USUALLY Author's last name
Where does the parenthetical notation go? At the end of the evidence - before the period
How often should a student use a parenthetical notation? After every piece of evidence
When the final draft of the report is typed, what line spacing should be used? Double
What alignment should be used for the title of the report? Center
Where does the page number go on a typed report? Right corner of header
How do you indent each paragraph when typing an essay? Tab key
Where does the works cited page go in an MLA typed report? Last page
Identify the formula for the following sentence: During their sailing adventure last week, the crew survived a sudden storm. D,I
Identify the formula for the following sentence: The artist created miniature figurines, and his friend sold them in his shop. I,cI
Identify the formula for the following sentence: When he fell behind on the trail, Stephen wondered if he would lose sight of his group. D,I
Identify the formula for the following sentence: Kyle is very musical, and he wants to do well at the competition. I,cI
Identify the formula for the following sentence: While climbing the ladder, the firefighter slipped and nearly dropped the small animal he was carrying. D,I
Identify the formula for the following sentence: Families need to take vacations together, but usually their conflicting schedules make this difficult. I,cI
Identify the formula for the following sentence: The Smiths felt the highway was not safe to travel although the highway was now officially open. ID
Identify the formula for the following sentence: The snow was falling fast; I couldn’t keep up with the shoveling. I;I
Identify the formula for the following sentence: I went to the party even though my mom told I wasn’t allowed to go because my grades were bad. ID
Identify the formula for the following sentence: My mother-in-law is not American, nor is she Canadian. I,cI
Created by: howesmi



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