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BICSI Technician

A company that provides connection to a part of the Internet, public network, or other services such as application programming interfaces is called: Service provider
the leading trade association representing the global information and communications technology (ICT) industry through standards development, policy initiatives, business opportunities, market intelligence and networking events TIA - Telecommunications Industry Association
The point at which the public utility service provider terminates network responsibility and the user assumes responsibility for maintenance of the network is called the Demarkation Point
In the United States, who regulates service providers? Good question... no answer
Where was BICSI first incorporated? Kentucky
TIA started as a committee within what organization? EIA (Electronics Industry Alliance)
What did the Telecommunications Act of 1996 do? Deregulated the Telecommunications Industry
In what year did divestiture of AT&T occur? 1984
What BICSI program initiated the registration of communications distribution designers in 1984? Registered Communications Distribution Designer (RCDD)
What does BICSI stand for? Building Industry Consulting Services International
What year was BICSI incorporated? 1977
What two companies founded the BICS organizations? AT&T and Bell Canada
An ITS Installer should be able to lift a maximum of________ Pounds? 48.5
How many years experience are required to become a Level 1 Installer? 0
How many years experience are required to become a Level 2 Installer? 2
How many years experience are required to become a Technician? 5
What are the steps required to renew an ITS Installer 2 and a Technician registration? Complete OJT and submit to BICSI Complete 12 CECs Be active in the industry Submit an application and renewal fee to BICSI
How many years are allowed to complete the OJT? 2
How many times can the written test be taken in one year? 3
Who must sign off on OJT tasks? Your Supervisor
What are the three levels of instruction for the cabling installation program? Level 1, Level 2, Technician
ITS Technician Level Installers must be able to tolerate a variety of body positions while working, such as; standing, bending forward frequently, stooping, kneeling, and crouching. True
It is not necessary for ITS Technician Level Installers to be able to recognize colors. False
Must an ITS Technician Level Installers be able to perform geometrical calculations, understand and interpret graphs, and calculate fractions and percents? True
ITS Technician Level Installers must be able to perform conversions of metric and empirical numbers. True
What is installing cable within a structured premises cabling installation that already exists called?
What is returning a penetrated surface to its original fire-rated integrity called? Firestopping
What are the two major divisions within precabling preparation called? Planning and Construction
A retake of the ITS Technician Level hands-on test may be performed once on the same day if the candidate fails the first time. True
When testing fiber, the attenuation measurement result should always be lower than the ____? Link Loss Budget
6 types of tests used to validate optical fiber 1. Visual Light Source Check 2. VFL (Laser light source) 3. Microscopes 4. OLTS - Optical Loss Test Set 5. Interferometer - inspect end face 6. OTDR - optical time-domain reflectometer
VFL Laser operates in what color and range? Red - 630 - 665nm
What tool can aproximate End-to-end attenuation, distance to a point of high attenuation, optical loss per unit, loss per event, and length of the fiber OTDR (Optical Time Domain Reflectometer)
What is the maximum channel length for 10GBase-SX 300m (only achieve with 50/125um L-O fiber)
One of the first things you should test in fiber to ensure that a transmitter on one end connects to a corresponding receiver on the other end polarity or duplex testing
For singlemode optical fiber, out of band testing may be accomplished at ____ nm? 1625 nm (pg. 6-71)
Component standards typically allow for a variation of ___ dB? 0.2 dB
What is the attenuation coefficent for multimode and singlemode OM1, OM2 & OM3 850nm type cable? 3.5 dB/km (pg 6-73)
What is the attenuation coefficent for multimode and singlemode OM1, OM2 & OM3 1300nm type cable? 1.5 dB/km (pg 6-73)
What is the worst acceptable loss across all mating and joints through connectors in an SCS: 100 percent of connections shall be better than 0.75 dB and 95 percent of the connections shall be better than 0.5 dB. (Ideally ALL products should be better than 0.5 dB per mated connector pair) (pg 6-73)
What is the spice insertion loss allowance irregardless of what type of spice it is? 0.3 dB
Where is verification of bandwidth of fiber performed? Only at the point of manufacture of the glass optical fiber
What is chromatic dispersion? the effect of the optical core creating a color change of the signal it is carrying
Optical fiber that has been constructed to support VCSEL's will not have bandwidth performache qualities for normal LED's? T/F FALSE: Optical fiber that has been constructed to support VCSEL's and lasers WILL have bandwidth performance qualities for normal LED's and VCSELs
What are the three methods for configuring test equipment and the cable under test using an OLTS? 1. Link 2. Interconnect channel 3. Dual direct connection
Paths for light to follow are called (used in cable type name) modes (multimode fiber)
When a pulse of light down a fiber is partially blocked and scattered by microscopic particles (dopants) in the glass. Rayleigh scattering (like a flashlight in a fog)
When light traveling in a fiber passes through a material with different density and is reflected back (often at splice points) Fresnel Reflection
This loss measurement is a fixed percentage of the transmitted light Backscatter
The ratio of backscattered light to transmitted light is also known as the backscatter coefficient
In OTDR Specifications what are the two resolution specifications? 1. Loss Resolution 2. Spatial Resolution
Distance using an OTDR is calculated from ? … the speed of light in the optical fiber
Multimode optical fibers work in what bands? 850nm & 1300nm
Single mode optical fibers work in what bands? 1310nm & 1550nm
What wavelength should fiber be tested at? The wavelength at which it will be operated
What wavelength cable can OTDR test at? "850nm, 1300nm for multimode and 1310nm & 1550 nm for singlemode"
What is the core size for singlemode 8 & 9 nm
What is the core size for multimode 50 & 62.5nm
Will an optical fiber that has been stressed by bending show a greater loss at the point of bending when tested at 1550nm than at 1300 nm? Yes
How long must the distance range on an OTDR be for testing? longer than the fiber to be tested
What is the rate at which pulses are sent from an OTDR called? PRR (pulse repetition rate)
T/F A long OTDR pulse injects the highest amount of power into the fiber and produces the longest dead zones TRUE
Short OTDR pulse widths are used to quickly find defects and breaks in the cable FALSE
What is the "rule of thumb" for setting pulse width on an OTDR? long pulse to look long and short pulse to look short
T/F A Fresnel reflection occurs at all optical fiber faults TRUE
T/F A measurement of loss per unit distance dB/km is a common method for determining an optical fiber's quality? TRUE
T/F When measuring reflectance return loss a small negative value indicates a larger reflection than a large negative value TRUE
What type of fault is found by an OTDR when two optical fibers of mismatches size are fused? Gain Splice
What type of fault found by an OTDR is when a large reflection occurs in a short optical fiber? Ghost Reflection
If an expected reflection on an OTDR shows up at the half-way mark on the graph, what type of error is likely? Ghost Reflection
What is the typical minimum length of a launch jumper when using an OTDR to test Multimode? 100 m (328 ft.)
How long must the launch jumper be when using an OTDR to test singlemode? It must be longer than the dead zone of the longest pulse width of the OTDR
What is another name for automode/autosetup on an OTDR? Autoranging
When two or more waves of the wavelength combine to form a single wave whose amplitude is the sum of the amplitudes of the combined waves it is called: Lightwave Interference - divided into constructive and destructive interference
T/F You must terminate both ends of the optical fiber to achieve an accurate length measurement TRUE
What is the maximum allowable loss in a splice in dB? 0.3 dB
These two parts make up the light path of a fiber optic cable Core and cladding
Simplex (single fiber strand) include the following 8 types: Zip cord, Tight buffered, Distribution, Breakout, Central Tube, Loose tube, Ribbon, Airblown
Glass reinforced plastic (GRP) rods, corrugated steel tape, and external steel wire armor (SWA) are all examples of physical protection in what? Optical fiber jacket layers
3 classifications of Optical Fiber Cable? "Indoor/Outdoor Indoor Outdoor
Multimode distance limitation in an SCS? 2000 Meters (6562 ft)
Singlemode distance limitation in an SCS? 3000 Meters (9842 ft)
Loose-tube optical fiber cable is typically used where? Outdoors
Loose-tube optical fiber cable can be what mode? Single or multimode
This type of Fiber cable is contained within buffer tubes and may be quickly spliced using special equipment. Ribbon Optical Fiber
This type of Fiber cable is installed in a sealed conduit and has an expected operating lifetime of at least 20 years Air-blown fiber
This type of cable allows the jacket to expand and contract without stressing the fiber Loose-Tube
Horizontal optical cable is usually what mode? Multimode
Singlemode fiber sheaths are usually what colors? Yellow, Red, Blue
Multimode fiber sheaths are usually what colors? Orange, Aqua
How much attenuation can a connector add? up to 1.5db of total attenuation
Connector has 3 components Ferrule, Key, Latching ring
4 types of connectors ST (Straight Tip) SC (Subscriber connector) SFF (Small Form Factor) Array connectors
3 types of SFF (Small Form Factor) connectors LC Connector MU (Multiple Use) LX.5
3 instruments typically used to test fiber on the reel Visual fault locator (VFL) Optical loss test set (OLTS) Optical time domain reflectometer (OTDR)
How much service slack should be run into a TR, and how is it typically measured? Long enough to reach the far corner of the room, plus floor to ceiling with another 3 m (10 ft) of slack inside the cabinet
Air pressure for blown fiber is typically in what range? 150-220 psi
This type of energy can adversely affect the blowing operation of fiber Static electricity
What are the 2 methods for splicing optical fiber & advantages of each "1. Fusion - Low consumables cost (lower attenuation) 2. Mechanical - low barrier to entry (higher attenuation)"
What are the 3 types of splice? Straight splice, butt splice, branch arrangement
What are the 2 types of connection processes for fiber cable? "Scribe & Polish And Cleave & Secure"
T/F Alignment is much more important in multimode than singlemode connections FALSE
2 primary methods for illuminating the end face when inspecting a cable "Coaxial - finds scratches and fine details Oblique - clear view of core and cleanliness"
T/F cleaning swabs should not be used on Fiber tips as they can scratch them and leave debris TRUE
These three criteria zones prioritize cable inspection evaluation criteria "Zone A: Core Zone Zone B: Cladding Zone Zone C: Ferrule Zone"
What are the 3 transmission methods? "Simplex Half-Duplex Full duplex"
T/F Twisted pair cable is called balanced, Coaxial is called unbalanced TRUE
T/F Voltage is thought of as the quantity of water delivered, while current represents the water pressure FALSE - Voltage is thought of as the water pressure while current represents the quantity of water delivered
Apparent power formula is: P=VI
Peak Power P is shown as watt (W) but is actually: V times current in amperes (A) or VA
What is the Hz rate for North America & The World 60 Hz and 50 Hz
What is random unwanted energy that is coupled into a conductor or circuit from an external source called? EMI
What is the disturbance in the reception of radio and other signals because of conflict with undesired signals called? RFI
What are 2 EMF current causes? High Current (weakens with distance cubed) & Net Current (weakens with distance)
What electrical measure is defined as the number of cycles a signal is repeated in a given time period? Frequency
This is the information carrying capacity of a system. Bandwidth
Two types of signal Analog and digital
What is the most common process for voice conversion to digital called? Pulse Code Modulation (PCM)
PCM Samples at what rate / second? 8000 samples / second
This defines a measure of signal strength decibel
System gain and attenuation are typically stated as: Decibel gain or decibel loss
An increase or decrease of how much voltage will cause a decibel increase of 10x 20 dB voltage / 10 dB power
T/F In the American Wire Gauge system, larger numbers denote larger wires False - Larger numbers denote smaller wires
The basic unit of inductance is A Henry (H)
______ Is a property of conductors that allows storage of electric charges when potential differences *voltages) exist between the conductors Capacitance
Capacitance is measured in___ farads
In circuits the total opposition to current flow is called? impedance
The measure of how much a signal is reduced in amplitude (relative power) as it is transmitted over cable is called: Insertion Loss (Attenuation)
This is a ratio in dB of the power of the outgoing signal to the power of the reflected signal Return Loss
The unwanted trasnfer of a singals electromagnetic energy from one or more circuits to other circuits is called? Crosstalk
Three tpes of crosstalk NEXT FEXT AXT (Alien XT)
A ratio fo the speed of transmission along a cable relative to the speed of light in a vacuum (usually stated in percentages) Nominal Velocity of Propagation (NVP)
This is the time interval for a signal to be transmitted from one circuit to another Propagation Delay
This is the difference in the porpagation delay between the slowest and fastest pairs within the same cable sheath Delay Skew
Conductance is inversely related to ____? resistance
For runs over 100m or for all dialectric cabling, what type of cable is recommended? fiber optic cabling
Modal bandwidth is described in terms of Megahertz x Kilometer (MHz×km)
____ results from the different optical path lenghts in a multimode fiber. Modal dispersion (or modal distortion)
___ dispersion begins at the light source Chromatic
___ makes the biggest impression on communication body language
___ makes the biggest impression on communication when talking to the customer tone of voice and word choice
___ and ___ are key to effective customer and coworker relationships Feedback and Follow-through
____ presents an attitude about the quality of work to be performed Installer's appearance
Safety codes often require a ___ when temporary electrical wiring is used GFCI (Ground fault circuit interrupter)
For an extension ladder ___ the horizontal distance from the base of the ladder to the supporting wall should be ___ % of the working length of the ladder. 25%
T/F Never paint a ladder TRUE
T/F When operating a scissor lift, you must wear a safety harness FALSE
T/F When operating a boom lift you must wear a saftey harness TRUE
T/F hardhat life span is 5 years TRUE
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