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FCP X Certification

Final Cut Pro X Certification Exam for Level One and Associate Level

Describe 3 ways to open FCP Double-click the app in the App folder, click the icon in the dock, or from Launchpad, click the FCP X icon
Which 4 modifier keys are often used in conjunction with keyboard shortcuts to initiate functions or commands? shift, control, option, and command
What is an event? similar to a folder that holds video clips, audio clips, and still images
How do you access a shortcut menu? control-click or right-click an item
How do you skim through a clip in the Event Browser? In the Event Browser, move your pointer from one side of the clip thumbnail to the other. The Skimmer travels as you move through the thumbnail, and the clip appears in the Viewer
How do you set the Event Browser display so that a single thumbnail represents each clip? Set the Duration Slider to All, or with the Event Browser active, press Shift-Z
In addition to clicking the Play button, which keys on your keyboard can you press to play a clip or project forward? The Space bar and the L key
Which keys do you press to move the playhead forward or backward in one-frame increments in the Viewer and Timeline? the left arrow and right arrow keys
What indicator in the Viewer window indicates that the playhead is on the first or last frame of an edited clip in the Timeline? An "L" in the lower left means you're on the first frame of the edited clip, and a reverse "L" in the lower right means you're on the last frame
In the Event Browser, how do you toggle a clip's audio waveforms on or off? In the Event Browser, click the Clip Appearance button. In the Clip Appearance pop-up, deselect Show Waveforms. (light switch)
What keyboard shortcuts are used to hide and quit FCP X? Press Command-H to hide the application, and press Command-Q to quit the application.
How do you create a new Event? If you don't see the Event Library, click the Event Library button at the lower-left corner of the Event Browser. Choose File > New Event, or press Option-N
How do you import media files into an event? Select an Event and click the Import Media button in the Event Browser, choose File > Import > Media, use a keyboard shortcut, or control-click the Event in the Event Library
What happens if you select the Find People option when importing media? The Find People option analyzes images and creates Keyword Collections based on the number of faces present & the shot type. After analysis, any of the following keywords are added: One Person, Two Persons, Group, Close Up Shot, Medium Shot, and Wide Shot
If you select the "Analyze for Balance Color" option when importing media, how do you view the color balance correction? In the toolbar, click the Inspector button. Click the Video tab in the Inspector and select the box next to Balance to enable the color-balance effect.
What are the advantages to transcoding your media files? FCP's transcoding optimizes media for better editing and rendering performance and improved color quality. The transcode process copies your original media files using the Apple ProRes digital intermediate codecs while retaining the original media files.
How do you set importing options if you want to drag media files directly from the Finder or another application to an event? To import w/o using the Import command, you set the specific import options before you import. Choose FCP > Preferences, or press Command-Comma (,). At the top of the Preferences window, click the Import button and set your options.
How do you create a Keyword Collection when importing clips from a specific folder? Make sure that the "Import folders as Keyword Collections" option is selected in the options dialog to create a Keyword Collection for each media folder you import. This the default option.
Why would you want to create a camera archive as a backup? A camera archive frees your camera or capture media for reuse, preserves and protects your media for future use, and helps preserve the data structure used by your camera to make it easier to store and access your files.
In the Event Browser, what's indicated by a horizontal purple or blue line across the top of a clip? A purple line indicates that a clip received a keyword during analysis; a blue line indicates that a keyword was applied to a clip.
Name 3 methods that allow you to add a keyword to clips. Select clips in the Event Browser, click the Keyword Editor button, or press Command-K. Then type your Keyword and press Return.
How do you add a keyword to only the selected clip range? Skim a clip in the Event Browser and press "I" to set a range start and "O" to mark a range and end. Then use 1 of the 3 available methods to add a keyword.
How do you delete a keyword range or multiple keyword ranges from a clip? With the Event Browser set to list view, select the keyword appearing beneath the clip, then press the Delete key. To remove all keywords applied to a selected Event Browser clip, choose Mark > Remove All Keywords, or press Control-0 (zero).
Describe how to add a note to a clip in the Event Browser. Select a clip, click in the Note column field in the Event Browser, enter your text, and press Return.
How do you view only those clips that were rated as favorites? In the Event Library, select the Event you want to search. Then choose Favorites from the Filter pop-up menu at the top of the Event Browser.
How do you rate a clip? In the Event Browser, select one or more clips. Click the Favorite button. In the Event Browser, a green line appears at the top of favorite frames and a red line appears at the top of rejected frames.
What's the difference between a Keyword Collection and a Smart Collection? A KCs gathers all the clips to which you or FCP assigned a keyword. A Smart Collection gathers all the clips that match specified search criteria. Unlike KCs, which are text based, SCs can be based on camera metadata. such as frame rate or size.
How do you create a Smart Collection? Select an Event and use the Filter window to search for clips based on specific criteria. In the Filter Window, click the New Smart Collection button. A new, untitled SC appears in the Event Library. Type a name for the SC, then press Return.
How do you search for a clip that isn't part of a Keyword Collection? From the filter pop-up menu, choose "No Ratings or Keywords". In the search field, enter the clip name. Only clips with matching text in their names or notes will appear in the list.
What methods can you use to create a new project? Click the New Project button (+); Control-click a folder or drive and choose New Project from the shortcut menu; or select the target location and choose File > New Project, or press Command-N
How do you create an additional range selection in the same clip? Set a range start and end for one section of the clip, then press Shift-Command-I to start a new range, and Shift-Command-O ti set the end of the new range. Or press the Command key and drag a range within a clip's thumbnail or filmstrip.
What 4 different methods allows you to edit clips into your project? To create an edit, click an edit button in the toolbar; choose and editing command, such as Append, from the Edit menu; press a keyboard shortcut; or drag a clip from the Event Browser, from a media browser such as the Photos Browser, or from the Finder.
What is an append edit? Adds one or more clips to the end of a project or selected storyline
How can you zoom in or out of an area of the Timeline? Press Command-= (equals) to zoom in, and press Command-- (minus) to zoom out. Dragging the Zoom Control in the lower-right corner of the Timeline.
How do you change the display size of the clips in the Timeline? Click the Clip Appearance button in the lower-right corner of the Timeline. In the Clip Appearance window, drag the Clip Height slider to the left to decrease the clip height, or to the right to increase the clip height.
How can you view a list of all clips in the Timeline? In the lower-left corner of the Timeline, click the Timeline Index button, or press Command-Shift-2. The Timeline Index pane appears to the left of the Timeline and displays clips, roles, and tags used in the current project in their order of appearance.
How can you quickly adjust a clip's volume in the Timeline? Position you pointer over the volume line in the Timeline. When the pointer turns into a vertical resize pointer, drag down to lower the volume or drag up to raise it.
How can you mute specific audio channels for a clip in the Timeline? Select the clip in the Timeline, click the Inspector button in the toolbar, then click the Audio tab and deselect the appropriate channels.
How can you toggle snapping on or off? Click the Snapping button in the Timeline, press N, or choose View > Snapping.
When you drag clips to rearrange their positions in the Timeline, what visual indicator shows where the clip will be positioned when you release the pointer? A blue insertion line indicates where clips will be placed.
How would you connect music or B-roll to the primary storyline in your Timeline? Position the playhead in the Timeline where you want to connect one/more clips. Select the clips in the Event Browser.In the toolbar, click the Connect button/press Q. In the TL, a blue line for video or a green line for audio shows the connection point.
How do you add a marker to a clip in the Timeline and name it? Skim to where you want to create a marker and choose Mark > Markers > Add Marker, or press M. Double-click a marker to rename it. In the Marker pop-up window, enter a name in the Text field and click Done/press Option-M to create a marker.
How do you find a specific marker in the Timeline? In the lower-left corner of the Timeline window, click the Timeline Index button. In the Timeline Index, click Tags, then click the Standard Markers button. Click a marker in the list to move the playhead to that marker's location.
How do you disable a specific project clip? Control-click a clip and choose Disable from the shortcut menu, or press V. You can also select the clip and choose Clip > Disable.
How do you move the connection line for a clip that's connected to the primary storyline without moving the clip? Position the pointer within the clip to the desired location in the Timeline and Command-Option-click to move the clip's connection line.
How do you create a to-do marker in the Timeline? Skim to the desired location in the Timeline and press Option-M. In the Maker window, enter a name, click the To Do button, and click Done. The to-do marker appears in red on the clip.
How do you replace a project clip with a different source clip? Drag a clip from the Event Browser to the clip you want to replace. When the clip receives a white outline, and a green circle with a plus sign appears, release the clip. From the shortcut menu, choose Replace.
How does an overwrite edit differ from a replace edit? Overwrites 1/more clips in a storyline, starting at a range-selection start point/at the playhead or Skimmer position Use when you want to edit media for a span of time. A replace editworks only on whole Timeline clips and can change the project duration.
How do you create an audition in the Timeline? Drag a clip from the Event Browser to a clip in the Timeline you want to include in the audition. When the clip receives a white outline, and a green circle with a plus sign appears, release the clip. From the shortcut menu, choose Add to Audition.
How do you utilize the audition feature? Click the Audition spotlight icon to open the Audition window. Press the Right or Left Arrow Keys to switch to the next alternate clip and skim through its thumbnail display.
How do you create a new storyline that's connected to your primary storyline? Select the clips you want to include in the new storyline, Control-click the selection, and choose Create Storyline from the shortcut menu or press Command-G.
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