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Aborigine An original inhabitant
Altercation Noisy dispute
Amalgam Mixture of different chemicals
Ambrosial delicious
Ambulatory to move alterably
Amphibious functional on land and water
Androgynous to have both female and male characteristics
Aperature hole or opening
Apex highest point or summit
Appartition unexpected sight
Appendage smaller item attached to a larger item
Arcane secret/mysterious
Archetype original patter or model
Ballyhoo noisy attention getting demonstration
Bedlam uproar and confusion
Bellicose warlike and quarrelsome
Billet-doux love letter
Bizarre out of the ordinary
Bogus fake/dishonest
Bona Fide made in good faith
Boudoir women dressing room
Bourgeoisie middle class
Buffoon clown
Buttress support or prop
Cacophonous harsh sounding
Cadence rhythm
Cameo raised image in a precious stone small role
Carcinogen cancer causing substance
Carnivore flesh eating animal
Caucus political meeting
Celestial heavenly
Cicrumvent to go around
Citadel fortress
Cogitate be in deep thought
Commiseration feeling of sympathy
Connive plan something secret/illegal
Contretemps embarasing incident
Conveyance means of transportation
Corona halo around sun or moon
Corpus body of writing by a particular person
Cuisine food
Debonair suave/charming
Decanter vessel used to recive liquid
Decrepit worn down to over use
Demagogue ruler who promises things for reelection
Dexterous skilled with both hands
Disheveled unkempt
Distaff pertaining to women, tool used to spin wool
Doggerel loose verse
Domicile house
Dormant inactive
Echelon one of series of levels
Effervescent bubbly
Egregious flagrant
Emaciated painfully thin
Embellish to decorate
Equestrian related to horse back riding
Equilibrium state of balance
Escalate to rise rapidly
Exodus mass departure
Expletive profanity
Expunge erase
Fecund fruitful
Festoon decorative strip hung in curves
Fiasco complete disaster
Flamboyant showy
Flotilla fleet of ships
Frivolous lacking inteligence
Gargoyle water spout
Gauntlet thick heavy glove
Germinate sprout or grow
Gesticulate talk while moving hands
Googol 10 to the 100th power
Gossamer light/delicate
Gyrate revolve around a point or axis
Gregarious social
Halcyon calm/peaceful
Harbinger herald/forerunner
Hirsute very hairy
Holocaust massive destruction by fire
Impropriety improper act or remark
Incarcerate to imprison
Inclement stormy/harsh
Indolent lazy
Intrepid fearless/bold
Irascible hot-tempered
Irreperable non reparable
Itinerary route of journey
Jettison to discard
Juxtapose place side by side
Kotow over polite
Labyrinthine complicated
Lambent softly bright/flickering
Languid dead
Libation pouring of a drink as a religious offering
Lineage descent in a direct line from an ancestor
Loquacious known for excessive talking
Ludicrous laughable because of obvious obscurity
Lugubrious person who's notible in a particular field
Maim permanent injury
Manicle restraints
Masticate to chew
Mausoleum large, elaborate tomb
Mellifluous soothing
Metamorphosis a transformation
Monolith single large stone in form of column or monument
Nadir Lowest point
Nocturnal pertaining to night
Nodule small lump
Obtuse slow to understand
Ocular relating to the eye
Opulent demonstrating great wealth
Oscillate to swing back and forth
Ovation applause
Panorama wide unbroken view
Paraphernelia personal belongings
Pariah an outcast
Parochial relating to church perish
Penurious stingy/extremely poor
Pilfer steal
Pinion to restrain by holding the arms
Pious divoutly religious
Pique to cause a feeling of curiosity or interest
Plummet to fall straight
Polyglot good with multiple languages
Posh elegant
Potable fit to drink
Precarious danger, risky
Precipitous done to quickly, without thought
Projectile missile
Prosaic Lacking imagination
Prostrate to lay face down
Pugilist fighter
Pulchritude physical beauty
Queue waiting in line, of people or cars
Ravenous to be hungry
Recalcitrant stubbornly restraint to authority
Remorse regret for having done wrong
Remuneration payment for loss or work
Rendezvous an appointment
Reverberate to echo or resound
Reverie state of dreaming while being awake
Roster list of names
Salutary promoting health
Sashay to walk in a manner that attracts attention
Satiated fully fed
Saturnine gloomy/moody
Scintillate to sparkle
Sediment matter that sinks to the bottom
Seraph an angel
Sibilant hissing sound
Sihouette dark outline against a light background
Sinewy tough
Spasmodic occuring at uneven intervals
Spectrum a wide range of sequence
Symposium meeting to discuss a topic
Taciturn silent
Tantalize to tease
Tendril coiling part of a plant
Titanic great in size and power
Tortuous winding
Transpose to change place or order or something
Tributary contributing to make up a greater object for the same kind paying tribute
Troubadour writer of love songs
Ubiquitous being present everywhere at once
Valor bravery, courage
Verve energy
Vie strive
Vintage classic/old
Virtuoso person with unusual skill
Votary person devoted to something
Voucher document that can be exchanged for good and services
Whet to sharper or stimulate
Xenophobia fear of strangers
Yammer shout/whine/complain
Zephyr gentle breeze
Created by: MeganKVenneman
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