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KF G7 Q4 Lang Cha 13

Chapter 13 Exams

Words in what “first” position are capitalized? first word every sentence, first word of a directly quoted sentence, first word of a sentence fragment used in dialogue. (ex: "Not now," Vanessa replied. "Maybe later.”)
Which words in the salutation or closing of letters are capitalized? Capitalize the first word in both the salutation and the closing of a letter. (ex: Dear Mr. Chuen: Sincerely yours, )
Which nouns are capitalized (common, proper)? A proper noun names a particular person, place, thIng, or Idea … these are capitalized (ex: river, Nile River)
When are prepositions capitalized? short prepositions (< five letters) and artIcles (a, an, the) are generally not capitalized (ex: Alexander the Great)
When are articles a/an/the capitalized?
When do you capitalize street numbers? in a hyphenated street number, the second part of the number is not capitalized. (ex: East Seventy
When do you capitalize heavenly bodies, planets, stars? capitalize the names of planets, stars, constellations, and other heavenly bodies. (ex: the Big Dipper)
When is the word earth capitalized? The word earth is not capitalized unless it is used along with names of other heavenly bodies that are capitalized. (ex: Is Earth located in the galaxy called the Milky Way? versus The earth is not the only planet that has a moon. [no named heavenly bod
Do you capitalize sun or moon? The words sun and moon are not capitalized.
Are groups capitalized? Capitalize names of teams, organizations, intitutions, and government bodies. (ex: New Orleans Saints, Sandusky High School, Louisiana State Senate)
When do you capitalize political words? Do not capitalize such words as democratic, republican, and socialist when they refer to principles or forms of government. Capitalize these when they refer to a specific political party. (ex: a democratic country versus Republican candidate)
When do calendar items get capitalized? Capitalize the names of historical events and periods, special events, holidays, and any other calendar items. (ex: Civil War, Middle Ages, World Series [baseball finals], Kwanzaa, Friday, May)
Are days, months, or seasons capitalized? Days and months are but seasons are not (Friday, May, spring). However, season IS capitalized if it is part of a proper name. (ex: Oak Ridge Winter carnival)
When do you capitalize religious terms names of religions and their followers, holy days, celebrations, sacred writings, and specific deities. (ex: Muslim, Christians, Easter, Ramadan, the Torah, the Bible, God, Holy Spirit). DO NOT capitalize gods when they refer to deities of ancient mythol
Do you capitalize structures? Capitalize the names of buildings and other structures used as part of a proper name, BUT not if used as common noun. (ex: Golden Gate Bridge, hotel, Hilton Hotel, theater, Sangaer Theater)
Do items used in transportation (trains etc) get capitalized? Capitalize the names of PROPER trains, ships, aircraft & spacecraft. (ex: USS Alabama, Columbia, Orient Express)
Do awards, monuments or memorials get capitalized? yes (ex: the Great Sphinx, Nobel Prize, Washington Monument, Academy Awards)
Do business names or brands get capitalized? Yes, Capitalize the names of businesses and the brand names of business products. (ex: Nike shoes, American Airlines, Apple Computer, Inc.)
When does one capitalize the names of school subjects? Do not capitalize the names of school subjects, except course names followed by numerals and languages. (ex: math, art, Art I, Science 101, Latin, Spanish)
When are a person’s title capitalized? capitalize titles that come before persons name ( Commander Baumgarten) but NOT if title is used alone OR comes after the person’s name (The commander spoke at the ceremony. Jeff Baumgarten, commander, spoke)
Are family relationships capitalized? capitalize a word showing a family relationship when the word is used before or in place of a person's name. (ex: Will Mom be home tonight? When is Grandma Shirley coming?). Do NOT capitalize if they follow a possessive noun/pronoun (ex: Alex’s mom and g
Which words in titles are capitalized? the FIRST and LAST words and all important words are capitalized. Some unimportant words include prepositions with < 5 letters, articles (a/an/the), coordinating conjunctions (and/but/for/nor/or/so/yet). Ex: A Wrinkle in Time [a is capitalized since it’s
What parts of books are capitalized? Capitalize the titles of chapters and other parts of books. (ex: I outlined Chapter 13 of my language book, Capital Letters Rules for Capitalization.)
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