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(CK) Witch Ch 1-3

(CK) Witch of Blackbird Pond Chapters 1-3

When the novel begins, where is Kit, why is she there, and what is the date? Kit is on the ship, the Dolphin, in 1687 on her way to live with her aunt in America.
When were the horses on the Dolphin? The ship took the horses from Connecticut to Barbados and traded them for sugar and molasses.
Why did the captain's wife go on trips only during the winter? So she could enjoy the springtime tending her garden and spinning.
Why did Goodwife Cruff hit her little girl when they were in the longboat? She had dropped her wooden toy into the river.
Why did Nat get angry at Kit when she saved the gir's doll? She beat him back to the boat and he got his clothes wet.
The fact that Kit grew up in Barbados is important to the story because it helps the reader to understand what? Why Kit is such a good swimmer.
"Flew off the handle" is an idiom (expression) that means what? to get mad and upset very quickly
Why doesn't Kit remember her parents? They had drowned when she was very little.
Why didn't Captain Eaton bring back slaves on his ship? Captain Eaton did not believe in slavery.
Did Kit think Wethersfield was pretty and welcoming? Kit was very disappointed in Wethersfield.
What two things could Kit do that most women in the colonies could not? Kit could swim and read.
What did Nat mean when he told Kit, "Remember, only the guilty ones stay afloat." He's warning her not to swim in front of people.
How do Aunt Rachel and Uncle Matthew differ in their reaction to Kit's arrival? Rachel is happy while Matthew is not very happy.
What was Uncle Matthew referring to when he said, "What is all this?" Kit's seven trunks
Was Kit shy or bold? bold
The relationship between Kit and Goodwife Cruff is an example of which type of conflict? person vs person conflict
The fact that there was little or no wind to help the Dolphin sail up the river to Wethersfield is an example of which type of conflict? person vs nature conflict
The toy was drifting farther and farther from the boat, LIKE a useless twig in the current is an example of a simile or metaphor? simile because of the word "like"
The name of the protagonist of the novel is Kit Tyler
The name of Kit's aunt is Rachel Wood
The name of Kit's uncle is Matthew Wood
The woman who hit her little girl is Goodwife Cruff
The name of the young man who is going to study theology with Rev. Bulkeley is John Holbrook
The name of Kit's cousin who walks with crutches is Mercy
The name of the captain's son is Nat Eaton
The name of the little girl who dropped her doll into the river is Prudence
The name of Kit's cousin who is beautiful is Judith
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