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Los Amercanos

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customary regular and normal
discrimination the practice of treating a person or group differently from another in an unfair way
distort to twist the truth on purpose in order to give a wrong impression
emulate to behave in the same way as someone else
hostile angry, unfriendly, and quick to argue with someone
integrity a commitment to doing the right thing
isolate to separate one person, group, or thing from other people of things
metamorphosis a complete change from one thing into another
precede to happen or exist before something or someone
ritual a ceremony that is always performed in some way
tradition the hanging down of customs,ideas,and beliefs from one generation to the next
tulle thin and delicate fabric
mainland a country's main area of land, as opposed to its near by Island
hypoehondriae a person who worries that he or she is sick, even when healthy
native tongue the language one grows up speaking
headliner the main performer in a band or on a team
inducted given an important place of honor in an organization
upstate to the northern part of a state
mole a dark Mexican sauce
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