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Tom Sawyer

sallied let out of burst forth suddenly
toiled worked very hard for a long time with a lot of effort
subdued quieted down, restrained, or softened
trifled treated someone or something as unimportant
desolation the condition of a place or thing that has been damaged in such a way that it is no longer suitable for people to live in
unkempt neglected, untidy
debris the pieces left of something after it had been destroyed
palpable obvious; noticable
auspicious suggesting that something good is going to happen in the future
sentry a soldier who guards a door
procured obtained by care or effort; gotten
labyrinth maze
chasm a deep opening or crack in the earth
elude to escape by skill or quickness
communing to be in close agreement with something or someone
precarious depending on chance or unknown conditions
stalwart strong,brave sturdy
embelessment imaginsry details added to make a story more interesting
preservation to keep safe from injury or loss
canvassed going to people to get their opinion; discussed
countenanced expression of the face
delirious confused thought and speech usually due to high fever
reverberations echoes
lucid normal state of mind; understandable and clear
diverging branching off
apalled shocked or overcome with horror
fatigue tired by exertion or work
apathy lack of feeling or interest; indifference
implored called upon by humble request; nagged pleaded
forlorn sad from being left alone
groped to find by feeling around
tedious tiring because of length or dullness
oblivian the state of being unaware or forgotten
consequence importance- in rank or position
clamorous very loud;noisy
effusive great or excessive emotion or enthusiasm; showing too much feeling
laudations praises
conspicuious easily seen;attracts attention; very noticeable
prodigious very great;exciting amazement or wonder
insipid dull and uninterested
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