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Chapitre 1

Île perdue (f.) lost island
pauvre poor
haut high
édifice building
élevé high
drôles funny
tournoyer to turn/spin
autor around
render to finish
triste sad/upset
aplati to be flattened
loin en bas far down
chef-d`oeuvre master piece
croirer to believe
falloir to must
mêmes same
gouts taste
quelque chose something
échapper to escape
quelque part somewhere
depuis since
surtout especially
sinon otherwise
apprendre to learn
louer to rent
ennuyer to be bored
chanceux lucky
gars guys
n`êmpeche still
parfois sometimes/occasionally
sort fate
tout à coup all of the sudden
fronçant frown
sourcils eyebrows
relever to raise
visage face
ressembler to resemble
soudain suddenly
nge angel
comme ça like that
faire semblant de rien pretended not to notice
disparu missing
subite unexpected
sans without
disparition death
gravement grave/serious
tenter to try
joindre to reach/contact
member de la direction officer
endre to return
constater to notice
Alors then
émouvoir to be moved
briller to shine
ah, mon dieu oui oh god yes
contenter to be pleased
sourire smile
emporter ill tempered
banale banal
engrenage gears
mettre en branle set in gear
lever to raise up
précipiter to speed up
puis then
bureau desk
comme like
feu fire
entendre to hear
durer to last
sa vie his life
par contre however
Aucun none
Peine grieve
notre monde our world
Vide empty
Sentir smell
Inconnus unknown
Les sens wild
Indice clue
Laisser to leave
Sauvetage to rescue
Rappeler to call
Amoureux lovers
Débarbouiller to clean up
Enfermer to lock up
Tellemente so much
Éplucher to peel
semblant to pretend
Created by: nguyenbqm