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CTI Lesson 16

Creating a Webpage

Absolute Link Called external links and they give the full address to a Webpage on the Internet.
Attribute Are identifiers for a tag such as background color.
Wesite A group of related Webpages
Mobile Browser Is designed to be used with mobile devices
Title Should be relevant to the content of your Webpage
Homepage Main page of most Websites
Body Contained between the start and end of a Website.
HTML Hyper Text Markup Language
Ordered List A numbered list and
Unordered List Generally a bulleted list and requires a start and an end tag.
Definition List List of terms with indented definitions, generally used for glossary items.
Style Sheet Also known as Cascading Style Sheets are a collection of formatting rules that control the appearance of content
Headings Include the typeface, size, and the extra space above or below the heading.
Relative Link Known as an internal link. Gives the file location within the Website.
Email Link Displays a blank email form containing the recipient's address.
Images Can slow down the loading of Webpages.
Character Entities Has three parts: and ampersand, a #, and an entity number
Created by: sjeter