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Romeo and Juliet Voc

vocab and terms

round character many traits like a real person
flat character one dimensional character
dramatic foil a character who highlights the features of another through contrast
pernicious causing great harm
augmenting increasing
grievance complaint
transgression wrongdoing
heretics those dissenting with the established teachings of the church
blank verse unrhymed poetry written in iambic pentameter
character rank the social status of a character in the play
cunning sly
procure get
vile worthless
predominant having a dominating influence over
intercession the act of pleading on behalf of another
sallow yellowish
waverer one who changes or is unsteady
lamentable sad
unwieldy awkward
soliloquy a lengthy speech where a character alone on stage reveals his/her feelings
gallant brave and noble
fray brawl
martial warlike
exile banish
eloquence verbal grace and fluency
fickle changeable
suspense curiosity or uncertainty about an outcome
pensive thoughtful
vial a container
enjoined ordered
wayward stubborn
dismal gloomy
loathsome disgusting
pilgrimage a long journey with a religious purpose
tragedy a drama where the central character suffers a terrible outcome owing to fate or personal action or both
remnants remains
penury poverty
haughty condescending
ambiguities uncertainties
sepulcher a tomb
scourge a whip or other pain inflicting instrument
dramatic irony when the audience knows something a character doesn't
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