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Lit final 2014

poor richards almanac Ben Franklin
Moby Dick Herman Melville
The Scarlett Letter Nathan Hawthorne
TKAM Harper Lee
Up From Slavery Booker T. Washington
Nature Ralph Waldo Emerson
Ben Hurr Lew Wallace
Walden Henry David Tho
Rip Van Winkle Washington Irving
The Road Not Taken Robert Frost
The Great Carbuncle Nathaniel Hawthorne
The Pit and the Pendelum Edgar Allan Poe
The Secret Life of Walter Mitty James Thurber
O captain my captain Walt Whitman
Jumping Frog Mark Twain
There is no Frigrate Like a Book Emily Dickinson
Birches Robert Frost
The Pedestrian Ray Bradbury
Alliteration The repetition of beginning words.
Blank Verse unrhymed poetry
Assonance the similarity of two or more vowel sounds or the repetition of two or more consonant sounds
Dialect Spoken in a specific region.
Point of View Perspective which the story is told.
Plot Beginning, middle and end
Metaphor figurative language
Similie uses words "like"
Onomatopoeia Imitation of sounds in words
Personifacation Making inanimate object seem real.
Created by: ses112