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WJEC French Vocab 8


allumer to light/switch on
l'an year
l'atelier workshop
le baccalauréat A level equivalent
le brevet certificate
le cahier exercise book
le cartable school bag
le censeur Deputy Headteacher
le CES secondary school
charger to load
chercher to look for
la chose thing
le classeur file
le clavier keyboard
la colle glue/detention
la composition essay
le concierge caretaker
le concours competitive exam
le congé holiday/leave
le contraire contrary
le contrôle test/inspection
couramment fluently
le demi-pensionnaire day pupil
dire to say
le/la documentaliste librarian
le doute doubt
dur hard
échouer to fail
l'enseignant student
l'enseignement education
enseigner to teach
entendre to hear
l'épreuve test
éteindre to switch off
être reçu à l'étude to pass an exam
expliquer to explain
facultatif optional
la faute fault
la feuille sheet (of paper)
le feutre felt
la fois time/occasion
la formation training
l'imprimante printer
l'interne boarder
interroger to question
lentement slowly
les locaux premises
le machin thing
la maternelle nursery school
le niveau level
oublier to forget
penser to think
une perme free lesson
permettre to allow
le personnel staff
le pion (school) supervisor
pouvoir to be able
le proviseur headmaster
raconter to tell/recount
ranger to tidy away
la rentrée return (to school)
la retenue detention
réussir to succeed
sauver to save
savoir to know
la scolarité school attendance
se tromper to be mistaken
la sonnerie bell
le/la stagiaire training course member
le stage training course
le surveillant supervisor
tort wrong
tourner to turn
traduire to translate
les travaux manuels craftwork (lessons)
le truc thing
le vestiaire changing room
vite quickly
la voix voice
vouloir dire to mean
DEUG university diploma
Grande Ecole prestigious university
licence degree
maîtrise master's degree
orientation career guidance
supérieur higher
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