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Unit 5:

Saving and Investing

Annual Percentage Yield (APY) The actual interest rate an account pays per year.
Blue Chip Stock stock of an established and historically successful corporation
bond a written promise to pay a debt by a specified date
brokerage firm a company that specializes in helping people buy and sell stocks and bonds
capital gain profit earned from selling stock at a price higher than its purchase price
capitol loss the amount lost if selling stock at a price lower than its purchase price
certificate of deposit (CD) a deposit in a savings institution that earns a fixed interest rate
commercial bank a financial institution that serves individuals and businesses with a variety of accounts, loans, and other financial services.
Common stock A voting share of stock that does not pay as a set dividend
compound interest Interest paid on the principal and also on previously earned interest assuming that the interest is left in the account
Credit union a financial institution that offers membership to people who share a common bond, such as people in a particular profession, company, church, or labor union
Diversification Investing in various businesses with different levels of risk
Dividend a share ofcorporations profit paid to its stockholders based on the number of shares of stock owned
Face value the amount printed on a bond
High-Yield Bond (HYB) High return, high risk bonds or junk bonds.
Insider trading Trading stock based on information that is not available to the general public.
Investing Savings in a way that earns income
Load Sales fee paid when investing in a mutual fund
Money market account a deposit for which the interest rate changes over time
Mutual fund business that accepts deposits from many people and invest them in a variety of ways
Preferred stock A non voting share of stock that pays a fixed dividend
Principle Money on deposit in a savings account, CD, or other savings account
Prospectus A publication that describes how a fund is operated, the funds investing objectives, and he fees it charges.
Return Income earned on an investment
Risk The chance that an investment will decrease in value
Savings Money that is put aside for later use
Savings account An account offered by any savings institution in which money is deposited, interest is earned on the deposits, and the money can be withdrawn at any time.
Savings bond A US government bond issued for amounts of $50 to $10,000
Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) The government commission responsible for enforcing the laws concerning the trading of stocks and bonds
Share of Stock A unit of ownership in a corporation
Simple interest The amount paid on the average balance in an account once a year at the end of the year
Stock exchange The location where orders to buy or sell stock are sent and carried out
Stock transaction When shares of stock are bought and sold
Stockbroker A person who handles the transfer of stocks and bonds between buyer and seller
Stockholder An investor who owns part of a corporation because he or she owns a share of stock
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