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AP Government 9

AP Government - Chapter 9 Vocabulary

Chapter 9 TermsDefinitions
Lobby An interst group organized to influence government decisions, especially legislation. To lobby is to attempt to influence such decisions.
Lobbyist A lobbyist is a person attempting to influence government decisions on behalf of the group.
Interest Group An organization of people sharing a common interest or goal that seeks to influence the making of public policy.
Incentive A valued benefit obtained by joining a political organization.
Solidary Incentives The social rewards that lead people to join local or state political organizations.
Material Incentives Benefits that have monetary value, including money, gifts, services, or discounts received as a result of one's membership in an organization.
Purposive Incentive The benefit that comes from serving a cause or principle from which one does not personally benefit.
Ideological interest groups Political organizations that attract members by appealing to their political convictions with coherent sets of (usually) controversial principles.
Public Interest Lobby A political organization, the staed goals of which will principally benefit nomembers.
Social Movement A widely shared demand for change in some aspect of the social or political order. It may have liberal or conservative goals
Political Cue A Signal telling a congressional representative what values are at stake in a vote, who is for, who is against a proposal, and how that issue fits into his or her own set of political beliefs or party agenda.
Ratings An assenssment of representative's voting record on issues inportant to an interest group. Such ratings are designed to generate public support for or opposition to a legislature.
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