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WH-Jane''s Notes

WH SCHistory Notes

1529 Henry VIII/ Church of England
1587 Lost Colony
1588 Armada
1607 Jamestown
1612 tobacca goes to London
1619 Africans/ Burgesses
1621 Thankgiving
1629 Charles I gave SC to Robert Heath
1660 Charles II restored
1663 Carolina charter/ Hillton
When England finally became England, Who was the king? Henry VII
King Henry VII was a.... Tudor
Parliment had too things the king aproved of and they are: 1.handled laws2.taxes
Parliment had two houses one was called House of Lords and the other was.... House of Commons
____ _ _______ represented every county and town House of Commons
______ was the man who sailed for the king and went to NewFoundLand.(5 yrs.) John Cabbot
Which king used annulment for his wives! Henry VIII
________ didn't believe in divorces but they had anulment. Catholics
Henry VIII ____ his wives cuaue he finds a newer woman to chase. kills
The last time King Henry VIII tried to annul his wife the _____ said no. Pope
After King and Pope talked Henry VIII made his own church callled The Church of England
Hanry VIII had a daughter named Queen Elizabeth I
Cabbot is an Italian
____ _______ ______ got together with some investors to ry to settle in the New World Sir Walter Raliegh
They and Sir Walter landed in Va. and Nc(somewhere) called Roanoke
Before the ships left they had to signal the people being left
When ships came back no one wasNow it is called aliveLost Colony
First ________ Settlement failed. English
What was the power (like countries) Name them in order. Spanish French English
_______&___________ start a war. Spanish English
When Queen Elizabeth died they found a man named ____________ for KING! King James I
King James is a Stuart
England begins colonies in :1 2 3 4 New World Carribian Ieland South Africa
____ ________ was the way of funding for the English Stalk Co.
Lodon stalk co. is called ____ _____ and they made a settleent in VA called _____ VA. Co. and Jamestown
Captain _______ _________ was in charge and they always had lack of __________ John Smith and Food
Since Jamestown had lack of settlers they ad. that they could get__________.(got more settlers that way) land
English DICOVERED ___________ tobacco.
Tobacco had _____ that stuck t oit because it was so sticky bugs
Once they planted tobacco they had ________ ____ to work and it didn't work out to well. indentured servants
3 things tried for labor: 1Indians2Indentured Servants3Afirican Americans
_________ _________ got the job of running the Va. Co. Privy Council
Calvert Lord Baltimore's dad wanted to Calvert Lord Baltimore wanted worship in ____ _______ but he wanted to stay wth England. New World
He Baltimore founded _________ after Mary Maryland
Maryland was a _______________________ Prpriotary colony
Protostants don't like _______ Catholics
members of the church of England wanted people to follow bible exactly so they didn't like _______ __ ___________ Church of England
THe Purotians are the __________ that seperated from church of England Pilgrams
they left England and went to ___________ Holland
Pilgrams and people didnt like th Dutch Gov. so they went to New Englnd called _____- they had___________ Plymouth Thanksgiving
Created by: Jane Elizabeth