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7th hr

Computer Vocab

Active cell The thick-bordered box where you can enter numbers or formulas in a spreadsheet.
Alignment How your test conforms to the left and right margins of a page.
AND A way to search for information using the words AND, OR and NOT. (Boolean logic)
Animated Clip Art A moving clip art graphic.
Anti-Virus An application designed to search for viruses and repair files on a computer.
Application (app) Program or software.
Application/Software Programs that allow you to accomplice certain tasks such as write letters, analyze numbers, sort files, manage finances, draw pictures, and play games.
Arrow Keys Up, down, left, right.
Ascending Order Organizing or sorting information.
AUP - Acceptable Use Policy A set of rules and guidelines used to regulate Internet and to protect user.
Axis A feature of a chart, on which you can plot numbers. The horizontal line is called the X-axis, and the vertical line is called the Y-axis
Bar Graph One type of graph developed from spreadsheet data that uses parallel bars to compare data and changes in data over time.
Bold A style of text that makes a letter or word darker and thicker to stand out in a document.
Button A little box on your screen that you click on with your mouse to accomplish a task.
Button Bar A horizontal strip of buttons near the top of a window.
Buttons, Multimedia A "hotspot" used in multimedia applications to navigate from one place to another or to activate elements (e.g., sound, movies, animation)
Calculate The working of mathematical equations. Formulas that are usually used in spreadsheets allow the computer to automatically perform calculations.
Cell The space at the intersection of a row and column in a spreadsheet.
Chart Away to present information from a spreadsheet in the form of graphs or tables.
Circle Graph A picture showing the relationship of two or more sets of data using a circler.
Clip Art Drawings you add to your documents or presentations.
Column The vertical divisions in a spreadsheet.
Copy An exact copy of information.
CPU The main chip in a computer.
Credits To give reference to the creator and source of the information used in a presentation.
Cursor The flashing line.
Database Software that manages large collections of data.
Delete A key used to erase characters.
Descending Order Organizing information backwards.
Desktop Supposed to represent a desk.
Desktop Publishing Using features of word processing/DTP software.
Domian The part of an Internet address that identifies where an account is located.
Created by: maharaj.l.19