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how did countrys become countrys by uniting
what year did england become england and who was ruler king henery 7th
who was king henery 7th memmber of tudor family and england's 1st king
could they choose what they wanted to be no
what were the king's representitives called parliment
what were parliments 2 major functions handled laws and taxes
parliment had 2 houses what were they house of lords and house of commons
how long does it take england to go to new world 5years after everyone else
who sailed where for the king of england cabbotnewfoundland
who claimed newfoundland english
when did henery 7th die and who took over 1529his son henery 8th
who don't beleive in devorse but do beleive in annulment catholics
what did king henery 8th do to his marriages annul or said they did a crime and got beheaded
who does the annuling pope
what did the pope finnaly say to the king about annuling hs wives the next time he came no
who made a church of england and who was head king henery 8thking henery 8th
king henery 8th named his dauter what queen elizabeth 1st
did she ever get married no
where as cabbotborn itally
when did sir walter raleigh get together with investors and sent a few settlers to the new world 1587
where did the settlers that sir walter raleigh sent land and what did they call it around virginia and north carolinaroanoke
when ships came back was everyone gone and what did they call it because of that yes lost colony
did the 1st settlement secssed no
what is the order of the most powerful to least powerful countrys in order 1.spanish2.french3.english
do the catholic like the church of england no
what happened to the spanish and english they go to war with each other
biggest group of large sailing ships in the world spanish armata
how did english defeat spanish armata small fast boats and storm
whaen did queen elizabeth die and who became king 1603james 1st
was king james 1st a tudor if no what was he no stuart
england begins colony in new world where carrabian, ireland, and south africa
where did the english get the money to colonize he new world stalk companys
when did a company in virginia ,called what, made a settlement called what and who was it named after 1607virginia compayjames town, viginiaking james 1st
who was incharge of the james town settlement captia john smith
what was there always a lack of in new world food
when did english need more settlers in james town 1609
how did they get people to come to new world by saying they could get free land for work
didthat get more settlers yes
what did the english discover they could grow tabacco
when was the 1st shippment of tabacco made to england 1612
what was tabacco like stiky, lots of bugs, and leaves
what did they need for their farms indentured survents
did having indentued survents work no
when did they try african slaves 1619
3 things tried for labor 1. indians2. indentuerd3. african american
who wants rep. from virginia to meet with him gov. of virginia
who and when did they arrgued and loose there charter virginia company 1624
who owens virginia now king
who got job of running virginia colony privey council
when did calvert lord balltimore's catholic dad decide he wanted he wanted to be english 1634
calvert lord balltimore founded where and 1st settlement there called what marylandballtimore
what type of place was maryland proprietary colony
who are beginning to come to maryland protastants
do the protastants like doing things the catholic way no
memmbers of church of of england called what wanted people to follow the bible exactly pureotons
did pureotons like church of england no
who are the pilgrams that sepperated from church of england pureotons
where did they go 1st holland
didn't like dutch government so they went to america and go to new england called what plimoth
who had thanksgiving pureotons/pilgrams
when was there another stalk company called what got charter reformed pureotons took control of this comp. 1629massachusets bay comp.
what did they call land from charter and settlement massachusetsboston
what type of colony is boston fishing
what 2 groups made up rhode island quakers andbaptists
did king take charter and take control of new england yes
when did charles 1st graunt a charter to who for land between virginia and spanish florida 1629robert heath
did settlers come no
when did england go through a civil war between king charles 1st and who 1642parliment
when was charles 1st killed during there civil war
when did parliment decide to get another king named charles 2nd 1660
where was king charles 2nd holland
who was became his advisors lord berkelyearl of clarendonduke of abermarlesir anthony ashley cooper
who retired to british island of barbadose john colleton
why did he like babadose weather and money from sugar cane
what is the problem with babadose no more land
was the heath land given back to king yes
who went to king to ask for land john colleton
when did privey council give charter to 8 men the land coverd south of virginia 1663
who where the 8 men known as lord proprietors
what did they name there land carolina
what is charles in latin carolus
who was carolin named for king charles 2nd
what was there plan to divide the land evenly and get exsperianced settlers
they hired a man to fined a good spot to settle what was his name william hillton
1st settlers went where in nc cape fear
did cape fear secssed no
who was the only lord proprietor left that was alive and intrested for 2nd attempt to settle lord ashley cooper
name the 8 lord proprietors 1.albermarle2.ashley cooper3.berkley4.berkley5.colleton6.craven7.carteret8.clarendon
name all the tudors queen elizabeth,king henery 8th,and king henery 7th
name the stuarts king james 1st,king charles 1st,and king charles 2nd
how many kings 6
what was named after albermarle county and sounds
what was named after ashley cooper where are they ashley and cooper riveron the way to charelston
what was named for berkely and where berkley countysc
what where colleton, craven, and carteret named forand where countysnc
what was named after clarendon and where countysc
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