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TX History Semester

Why were the delegates at the Secession Convention in favor of Texas leaving the Union? They considered slavery vital to the economy.
Be able to place the following events in chronological order: I) Texas readmitted to the Union II) Sam Houston removed as governor III) Current Texas Constitution adopted IV) Civil War fought II) Sam Houston removed as governor, IV) Civil War fought, I) Texas readmitted to the Union, III) Current Texas Constitution adopted
How did the issues of states' rights contribute to the outbreak of the Civil War? Seceding states believed the federal government should not intervene in state decisions.
In what year did Texas join the Confederacy? 1861
Which headline BEST describes the era of Texas during the Civil War? Citizens Divided on the Issue of Slavery
Which democratic principle of the Texas Constitution reflects the will of the people? popular sovereignty
This battle was fought along the Rio Grande River, fought after the surrender of the Confederacy, and there were no military conflicts associated with the Civil War after this battle. Which battle is being described? Battle of Palmito Ranch
What was the effect of Sam Houston's refusal to swear his oath? Sam Houston was removed as governor.
The Confederate general that commanded the forces that were victorious in the attack at Galveston was _______ ____ _____________. John B. Magruder
How was cotton production in Texas affected by the Civil War? Production declined during the war, but increased sharply in the decades that followed the war.
How did the end of the Civil War affect the cattle industry? The demand for beef in the East brought rapid growth to the industry.
All of the following were factors that fostered westward expansion into Texas EXCEPT __________ ____ _________ _______. failure of cotton crops
Which of the following explains a change in lifestyle of American Indian tribes after the Civil War? Tribes were removed to reservations.
The development of ranching instead of farming in West Texas was primarily influenced by ______ _____________. water resources
1) I was the son of an American woman captured by the Comanches. 2) I was the last Chief of the Comanches. 3) My tribe roamed West Texas. 4) I eventually assimilated into American culture and influenced other American Indians to do so. Who am I? Quanah Parker
Which nickname was given to the African-American regiments of the U.S. Army that helped to keep the peace among American Indians in the West after the Civil War? Buffalo Soldiers
During which time span did cattle drives and wars with American Indians in Texas take place? 1860 - 1900
Which celebration is a recognition of Mexican-American teenage girls achieving maturity? quinceanera
Which group adapted to the environment of Texas with the fewest modifications? American Indian tribes
Which means of transportation did NOT contribute to the urbanization of Texas in the late 1800s? automobiles
While windmills of the past assisted in early water production for agriculture, ___________ is a water solution for delivering water to ____, _____ land today. irrigation...dry, arid
All of the following are characteristics of Texas during the Age of Oil EXCEPT _______ ________. cattle drives
Spindletop – 1901, site of first significant oil well in Texas, East Texas Spindletop was the site of first significant oil well in Texas in 1901. Other oil wells have been found in East Texas.
Which definition best describes a “boom and bust” cycle? a period of great profits followed by a downward trend in an industry.
The growth of the oil industry led to all of the following EXCEPT... the decline in the production of automobiles.
How did the initial growth of the oil industry during this era impact Texas state government? The Texas Railroad Commission was established to regulate and control oil prices.
Be able to place the following events in chronological order: I) World War I Begins, II) Prohibition Ends, III) Women's Suffrage Amendment, IV) Hurricane Devastates Galveston IV) Hurricane Devastates Galveston I) World War I Begins III) Women’s Suffrage Amendment II) Prohibition Ends
Which goal was the original mission of the League of United Latin American Citizens? support the rights of Spanish-speaking people
Who were strong supporters of Populism in Texas during the 1890s? rural citizens who had not benefited from new industry
How did World War I change the lives of women in Texas? Many women entered the workforce.
Which goal was the mission of the Texas Equal Suffrage Association? right to vote for women
Which speaker is expressing the views of Progressivism? The speaker that mentions “I will work to pass laws that improve conditions in factories.”
How did New Deal programs improve the lives of Texans during the Great Depression? Thousands were employed to build roads and bridges.
Which of the following was NOT an economic effect of World War II on Texas? Ethnic groups pressed for civil rights.
Which event came first before the New Deal, before the Dust Bowl, and World War II? the Great Depression
Why were many military bases during World War II built in Texas? Texas had a moderate climate and large expanses of land.
How did the Dust Bowl impact Texas society? Some North Texas farmers moved west to California.
1) New military facilities 2) Naval and aircraft production 3) Ammunition plants 4) Petroleum plants The arrival in Texas of the industries described above was the direct result of ___________ ___________. international conflict
All of the following are characteristics of Texas during the Great Depression EXCEPT ___________ ______. internment camps
Which conclusion accurately describes the change in cotton production in Texas during the 1930s and 1940s? Fewer acres were planted for cotton.
Fewer people worked in rural Texas in the 1940s. Fewer people worked in rural Texas in the 1940s.
How do the actions of Hector Garcia characterize the age of Civil Rights and Conservatism? His founding of the American G.I. Forum led to expanded rights and liberties for Hispanic Americans.
How has the evangelical movement influenced politics in the last several decades? Evangelical political leaders have incorporated their faith into the way they lead.
Which civil rights leader and native Texan formed the Committee of Racial Equality (CORE) and worked to bring an end to racial segregation in the United States through nonviolent actions like the Freedom Rides? James Farmer, Jr.
Which of the following is a requirement of Texas citizens? to serve on a jury
Oveta Culp Hobby was honored as... a journalist, business leader, and public servant, she formed and led the Women’s army Corps (WAC) during World War II. She was appointed the first secretary of the Department of Health, Education, and Welfare – the second woman to hold a cabinet post.
Which of the following is both a right and a responsibility of Texas citizens? voting for public officials
Most likely responsible for peaks in Texas Crude Oil Production, 1935 – 2010 the Korean War and the Vietnam War
Why is a free press important to Texas citizens? People need to be informed to make valid decisions.
According to Section 2 of the Texas Bill of Rights, Texans may alter the government so long as... the government stays a representative democracy.
He was nevertheless capable of immense personal charm, particularly when he was lobbying and brokering backstage in the Washington corridors of power. He was a consummate politician, perfectly attuned to the ways of Capitol Hill. Both his supporters and detractors acknowledge that it was his formidable political abilities and the way in which he was able to harness the nuances of the political system
that meant he could affect significant social change in the United States – even in the face of strong conservative opposition. Which U.S. president from Texas best reflects the leadership qualities described in the excerpt? Lyndon B. Johnson
1) Organize individuals with similar concerns 2) Inform the public and elected officials 3) Link the state and local political system to the national political system 4) Bring attention to political candidates who support their concerns 5) Attempt to influence policy decisions of government officials
The characteristics of the list best reflect the political role of _______ _______. interest groups
Which set correctly matches the Texans with their contributions? Denton Cooley – heart surgery, Benjy Brooks – pediatric surgery
How have technological innovations influenced the economy of Texas? They have contributed to Texas economic interdependence with the world’s economy.
Be able to identify cause and effect: 1) Cause – ranchers pumped water out of aquifers to fill tanks for their herds 2) Effect – _________________________ Which of the following BEST completes the chart? Many natural springs and streams dried up.
Which likely impact of Hurricane Rita on Texas can be inferred from the map? The East Texas lumber industry declined.
How is recent immigration to Texas most likely influencing Texas society? New immigration adds greater cultural diversity to Texas.
Many place names in Texas, such as El Paso, San Antonio, Amarillo, and the Rio Grande reflect the language and influence of which culture? Spain
Why is freedom of the press essential to an effective democratic government in Texas? A free press monitors government actions for corruption and mismanagement.
Use the information below to answer the following question. 1) Texas playwright 2) Wrote screenplay for Tender Mercies 3) Awarded National Medal of Arts Who is described above? Horton Foote
How do the human characteristics of the Great Plains region of Texas differ from the Coastal Plains region? The Great Plains region has many wind farms.
Which influence likely did not result in the downsizing of the Texas oil industry? election of George Bush as governor
Created by: sasmith3
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