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Lecture 45


Thyroid Hormone inc metabolic activity in most tissues. dec TH leads to poor mental health and physical func. dec cold resistance,mentl retardation in children. inc TH leads to wasting,nervousness, inc heat production,tachycardia
Thyroid Hormone Synthesis protein thyroglobulin made by foillicular thyroid cells.exocytosis to colloid,iodine added to tryrosines.link DTT and either DIT or MIT endocytosis.digestion to t3 or t4
TH Secretion MIT and DIT recycled in follicular cells. t3 and t4 secreted into blood,# is iodines.most secretions t4
TH Transport t3 and t4 circulate bound to protein.t4 4000 bound:1 free-free is active.most t4 converted to t3 in circulation.t3 is more active than t4
TH Buffering as th lost in urine or to other cells,other th come off protein.t3 binds eaker than t4-t3 lost faster.
TH Effects all inc metabolic activity.maximizes gh affects on protein synthesis and bone
Calorogenic inc heat production.th binds to nuclear receptors-alters gene activity. inc cell activity. inc fatty acid metabolism. inc na pump activity
Sympathomimetic Function required for full symp response.th stimulated production of adrenergic receptors
Heart th inc in adrenergic recpetors.inc heart rate and force of contraction
Neural Tissue needed for cns development in children.th required for full neural finc,response to catecholamines,RAS func cortex and basal ganglia need th.
Regulation of TH Secretion by thyroids stimulating hormone (tsh) from anterior pituitary.
TSH Regulation dec blood th leads to release of tsh from anterior pituitary.tsh go to thyroid gland leads to inc thyroglobulin secretion,endocytosis and t3/t4 production
Hypothyroidism thyroid gland disease or dec tsh production or autoimmune attack. dec bmr,lethargy dec mental and physical func
Graves Disease hyperthyroidism leads to nervousness,weight loss,warmth,,bmr,exophthalamus (bulging cause is antibody (tsi) that binds and activates eyes),receptors inc thyroid gland activity.
Hashimoto's Syndrome autoimmune attack on thyroid glad,dec func.hyperthyroidism-need synthetic th,not rare.
Goiter enlarged thyroid gland.due to excess tysh or tsi.may produce hypo(from dec iodine) or hypertension (from inc tsi)
Created by: danamarie9323