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Exam 3 Answers

Nervous and Muscular Systems

During the concentric action of a leg curl, the hamstrings on the back of the leg lift the weight. What muscle group would lower the weight? (hip flexors, Quads, Glutes, Hamstrings) Hamstrings
Smooth muscle fibers are striated (T/F) False
This attaches muscles to bones Tendons
The outermost layer of connective tissue surrounding the muscle cell is called Epimysium
When a muscle is in its resting length, there is an optimal overlap of ________ and ________ to produce force Actin and Myosin
Cardiac muscle cells are auto rhythmic (T/F) True
Which of the following is NOT a major function of muscle tissue (moving blood through the body, generating heat through contractions, stopping the movement of joints, promoting movement of body structures, maintaining blood glucose) Maintaining blood glucose
What is the property of a muscle that gives it the ability to shorten and generate force when excited (electrical excitability, elasticity, contractibility, extensibility, thermogenesis) Extensibility
What are the three parts of the brain stem Hypothalmus, cerebrum, mid-brain
What part of the cerebrum takes sensory information and interprets and categorizes it Association areas
Which of the following is true concerning the hypothalamus (It is the main control of the somatic nervous system, it controls behaviors such as the desire to eat and drink, it controls the release of numerous hormones from the pituitary gland) All of them
Which areas of the brain participates in conscious control of movement (cerebellum, motor cortex of the cerebrum, basal ganglia) All of them
What is the correct order of the components in the reflex arc Receptor, sensory neuron, integrating center, motor neuron, effector
One type of neurotransmitter is norepinepherine (T/F) True
Large groups of nerve cell bodies that are located outside the central nervous system are called ganglion (T/F) True
This part of the skeletal muscle cell releases calcium when stimulated by the T-Tubules Terminal cisterns of sarcoplasmic reticulum
The somatic nervous system does what Provides motor signals and conscious control to skeletal muscles
Which of the following occurs during the fight or flight response (constriction of pupils, bradycardia, increase blood glucose levels, bronchocontriction, increased urine formation) Bronchoconstriction
The peripheral nervous system (includes the brain and spinal cord, may be divided into somatic and autonomic nervous system, is only involved with unconscious activities) May be divided into somatic and autonomic nervous system
Which are of the following are functions of muscle tissues (producing movements of the body, stabilizing body positions, storing and moving substances within the body, generating heat) All of them
When performing a lift, such as a bench press, for several repetitions which of these types of muscle contractions are involved (eccentric, concentric, isometric) All of them
Skeletal muscle fibers that are smallest in diameter and thus are the least powerful type of muscle fibers are called Slow oxidative fibers
In an eccentric action the muscle develops tension and (lengthens, shortens, neither lengthen or shorter, does not conduct electrical current) Lengthens
What is needed in the muscle cell for a skeletal muscle contraction cycle to continue (Ca2+, ATP, Potassium) ATP and Ca2+
Which of the following exhibits autorhythmicity (cardiac muscle fibers, actin fibers, slow twitch muscle fibers, intermediate fibers) Cardiac Muscle Fibers
A single nerve impulse in a somatic motor neuron elicits a single muscle action potential in all of the skeletal muscle fibers with which it forms synapses (T/F) True
This is a brief contraction of all muscle fibers in a motor unit in response to a single action potential Muscle Twtich
The two tracts of the spinal cord are Sensory and Motor
What branch of the nervous system would cause pupil dilation, airway dilation, and increase in blood pressure Sympathetic nervous system
The parasympathetic system has been called the (fight or flight system, rest and digest system, digestive system nervous system) Rest and digest System
This part of the brain controls many homeostatic measures through centers located in the brain stem Hypothalmus
Individuals with hypertension are sometimes given beta blockers which block receptors for this part of the nervous system (sympathetic, parasympathetic, enteric, somatic) Sympathetic
Which mechanoreceptors detect rate and intensity of muscle stretch (osmoreceptors, golgi tendon organs, nociceptors, muscle spindles, pacinian corpuscles) Muscle Spindles
Which mechanoreceptors detect rate and intensity of muscle tension (osmoreceptors, golgi tendon organs, nociceptors, muscle spindles, pacinian corpuscles) Golgi Tendon Organs
This part of the brain acts as a comparator, comparing actual to intended movements Cerebellum
The ability of a muscle issue to stretch without being damaged is Extensibility
What type of muscle type always contracts first Slow Twitch Oxidative
Transverse Tubules Tiny pockets of the sarcolemma that extend into the muscle cell and are filled with Extracellular Fluid
This type of memory is used to remember a phone number for the minute or so from the time you look at it, up until you dial it Short Term
Increasing the number of active motor units is called Motor Unit summation or Motor unit recruitment
A motor unit in muscle that is responsible for precise movements requiring small contractions will have relatively (many muscle fibers per nerve, few muscle fibers per nerve, the number of muscle fibers per nerve is unimportant) Few muscle fibers per nerve
Under which conditions can muscle fibers generate the most tension and force When fibers have an overlap of thick and thin filaments that is close to their resting length
Cardiac muscle cells transfer electrical depolarization signals from cell to cell through voltage gated channels (T/F) False
Fastest twitch muscle (Type I, Type IIa, Type IIb) Type IIb
Most resistant to fatigue (Type I, Type IIa, Type IIb) Type I
Intermediate fatigability rate and twitch speed Type IIa
Voluntary (Skeletal, Cardiac, Smooth) Skeletal
Not striated (skeletal, cardiac, smooth) Smooth
Always has just one nucleus (skeletal, cardiac, smooth) Smooth
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