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Les adjectives

sérieux/sérieuse serious
energetique energetic
musical(e) musical
sympa cool, nice
occupé(e) busy
tendre loving
calme calm
super super!
généreux-généreuse generous
amusant(e) fun
genial(e) cool
timide shy
athletique athletic
sportif-sportive sporty
actif-active active
ennuyeux-ennuyeuse boring
fou-folle silly, crazy
fantastique fantasitc
fiable reliable
incroyable incredible
interessant(e) interesting
joli(e) attractive, pretty
jeune young
patient(e) patient
sage wise
sévère harsh, stern
souriant(e) smiley, cheerful
serviable helpful
beau-belle handsome, beautiful
triste sad
content(e) happy
grand(e) tall, big
petit(e) small, little
méchant(e) mean, nasty
gentil(le) nice, kind
exitant(e) exciting
excité (e) excited
drôle funny
fatigué(e) tired
fort(e) strong, loud
gross-grasse fat
maigre skinny
intelligent(e) smart
stupid(e) stupid
moyen, moyenne medium
faché(e) angry
grincheux-grincheuse grumpy
vieux-vieille old
mince thin
détendu(e) relaxed
inquiet(e) anxious
Created by: Madame Harris