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CT Intro - Lesson 3

Key Applications Lesson 3

Which tab on the ribbon do you click to access the Spelling and Grammar button? Review
_____ formatting includes adjusting line spacing and inserting spaces between paragraphs. Paragraph
When you want to look for or change all instances of a word or phrase, you can use the ___ tool Find
Press ___ to remove characters that appear after the insertion point one at a time Delete
A ____ font looks like handwriting or calligraphy Script
Drag-and-drop moves or copies selections using the _____ Mouse
______ lists are used when the items are of equal importance or do not need to appear in a particular order Bulleted
Press ____ to remove characters that appear before the insertion point one at a time. Backspace
If Word identifies a person's name as being misspelled, you can choose to add that name to the ______ Dictionary
To adjust the indentation of a paragraph or line, use the _____ on the horizontal ruler. tabs
Making enhancements to text to make it stand out is called ____ formatting
Ctrl + V is the keyboard shortcut for _____ Paste
The _____ tool fixes typing mistakes, such as changing annd to and autocorrect
When you want to replace all found instances with the same text, you can use the _____ tool. replace
Formatting a document for printing involves using the ______ feature to identify areas that you want to change, however, you cannot make changes to your document using this feature. Print Preview
Word marks potential grammar mistakes by putting ____ wavy lines underneath them. Green
____ Space is the term used to describe the blank areas on a page. White
By default, jobs are printed in the ____ in which they are sent to the printer Order
When text is selected the ____ appears mini-toolbar
The ____ command inserts items from the clipboard paste
Word marks potential spelling mistakes by putting ____ wavy lines beneath them. Red
The office clipboard stores up to ___ items that you can cut or copy 24
___ display selected text with relevant formatting options as you position the mouse over buttons on the Ribbon so that you can see what the formatting would look like if applied. Live Preview
Ctrl + Z is the keyboard shortcut for the ____ command Undo
______ list should be used for making grocery list bulleted
______ list should be used when listing the top football teams in the state Numbered
A ____ font has strokes at the end of the letters Serif
The ___ command keeps the selection in its current location and stores it in the Clipboard Copy
____ are used when items need to be listed in an order of sequence or importance. Numbered
You can set the date and time to update ____ when a document is opened or set a static date that does not change Automatically
To read a document as the intended audience would Proofread
To make content changes Edit
To space text evenly between the left and right margins Justify
To replace characters one at a time as new text is entered Overtype
To make enhancements to the text to make it stand out. Format
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