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Digital Lit.

App Short for application, independent program or piece of software designed to for a specific purpose
Emoticon Using characters on the keyboard to represent an emotion
Emoji Specific small pictures or icons users can choose to add to posts or messages
Friend A person you want to connect with on Facebook
Feed An updated stream of content like latest posts, photos, etc.
Geotag Label the location of where a photograph was taken
Hashtag A way to label, group, or organize posts by using as a number sign # and then words
Creeper Spying on people online while remaining invisible
meme Taking a photograph and adding a saying or comment usually funny. It’s kind of like a digital poster and usually becomes viral.
microblogging Short message postings from a social media account
selfie Taking a photograph of one’s self
throwback thursday #TBT - Widely used hashtag on Instagram, FB, etc. when people post pictures from the past
platform Computer software or hardware that acts as a foundation that has other items added to it for a specialized purpose
tag Labels what content is about
trending A word, phrase or topic that is popular on Twitter (or other social media) at a given moment
viral Anything shared across social networks that get passed along rapidly to a large group of people
web2.0 Refers to the second generation of the Web which means people create content and post it without needing specialized technical knowledge and/ or training
social media A platform with the purpose of building connections among people who may share common interests, activities,or backgrounds
like / favorite The virtual version of a “thumbs up”
troll Someone who posts mean content on purpose with the intention of causing trouble
Created by: ashleeyyy_123
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