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A __________ plan includes information related to what work needs to be done, when, and by whom after the project is completed. Transition
As part of project closing, it is important to plan for and execute a smooth ___________________ of the project into normal operations of the company. Transition
Updating documentation and historical information produced by the project in a useful format is part of __________. updating organizational process assets
The Just-In-Time Training project included a ________, a type of contract, for developing the qualified sellers list. service agreement
Answering questions such as, "What will you do differently on the next project based on your experience working on this project?" is part of a __________. lessons-learned report
Most people prefer a face-to-face close-out meeting to enhance ___________. knowledge transfer
Contract closure involves completion and settlement of contracts and resolution of __________. any open items
Which of the following was not a lesson learned from the Just-In-Time Training project? supplier partnerships were not very effective
The __________ should start off the close-out meeting. project champion
The buying organization often provides the seller with _______ notice that the contract has been completed. formal written
The text includes a template provided by ___________ for writing a lessons-learned report. Microsoft
In the lessons-learned report for the Just-In-Time Training project, when asked what the team would do differently on the next project, they said they would ___________. line up experts and mentor further in advance
The ________ should sign a customer acceptance/project completion form. project sponsor
It is good practice to hold a ____________ meeting as part of closing. close-out
Jack Welch said, "You don't have a better or best practice until someone ___________. else is using it
Ideally, any disagreements during procurement will be settled by _______. Negotiations
Which of the following is not a tool to assist in closing procurements? e-procurement systems
On the customer acceptance/project completion form for the Just-In-Time Training project, a suggestion for improvement was to improve the organization's ________ abilities. estimating and forecasting
Lessons learned are considered to be a(n) _____________ asset. organizational process
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