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Net Svcs Final

What does MAPI stand for? Messaging Application Programming Interface
What does CGI stand for? Common Gateway Interface
Name some technologies  to create dynamic  web sites. Java, Javascript, Perl, C/C++, and ASP
What is a persistent connection in HTTP?  Perhaps the greatest change in HTTP/1.1 is its support for persistent connections, it no longer requires a separate connection to the web server for each object the browser wishes to download.
What is multi‐threading?  a technique by which a single set of code can be used by several processors at different stages of execution
What is inetd?  The inetd daemon, which handles all needed TCP/IP communication.
Describe load balancing  using DNS Multiple copies of the site on separate identical physical servers. DNS returns multiple IP addresses for the same address.
What are problems with load  balancing using DNS?  It is difficult to determine to which IP address each client will resolve the site name. It is possible that the Web server belonging to one IP address will be highly loaded, while the others are sitting idle. DNS Caches may not stay alive forever.
How can you speed up web  page access from  a single server?  PHP
What does SSL stand for?  Secure Sockets Layer
What does TLS stand for? Transport Layer Security
What does XML stand for?  Extensible Markup Language
What is a disadvantage  of CGI? The disadvantage of CGI is that it tends to be slow because each request for a dynamic document relies on a new program being launched.
What advantage does  servlets have over ASPs? Servlets have an advantage over ASPs in that they become cached in the Java Virtual Machine after their first execution.
What is Oracle? Oracle Database is world's most popular relatioanl DB Management Systems.
What does PHP now  stand for?  Hypertext Preprocessor
What port is used by  default for HTTP?  80
What does JSP stand for? Java Server Pages
What is Apache?  World's most popular web serevr
What does RDB stand for?  relational database
What does ASP stand for?  Active Server Pages
What does S/MIME  stand for?  Secure/Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions
What does ANSI stand for?  American National Standards Institute
What does SQL stand for?  structured query language
Name three email clients. MS Outlook/Outlook Express Netscape Messenger Eudora
What does URL stand for? Uniform Resource Locator
What does JDBC stand for? Java Database Connectivity
What does HTTP stand for?  Hypertext Transfer Protocol
What does MHTML  stand for?  "MIME HTML" stands for "Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions" and "HyperText Markup Language" respectively.
What is concurrency  control? Database server software must establish rules to regulate access to multiple simultaneous users.
What does NNTP stand for?  Network News Transfer Protocol
What is Availability?  the ability to support non-stop (24x7) operations.
Which of the following is  an example of a URL?
Another term for Application Server is?  middleware
What is Normalization?  the process of organizing data to minimize redundancy
What is a differential backup?  Only backs up changed data since last full backup.
What is a transaction log?  is a mechanism to compensate for database changes made during the period of time between backups
What does it mean to  rollback a transaction? to undo the results of a database transaction.
What does LDAP stand for? Lightweight Directory Access Protocol
What does "Committed"  mean in database terms? permanently stored (or "committed") in the database
What is DB2?  IBM DB2 Product Family Runs on non-IBM machines such as Sun and Hewlett-Packard as well as IBM hardware, and operating systems such as Windows, Linux, Solaris, HP-UX, NUMA-Q, AIX, OS/2 and handheld device operating systems such as Windows CE and Palm.
What is MySQL?  Open source relational database system
Explain what three‐tiered means?  Presentation Tier, Application Tier, Data Tier
What does J2EE stand for? Java 2 Platform Enterprise Edition
What does ODBC stand for? Open Database Connectivity
What does SOAP stand for?  Simple Object Access Protocol
What does DBMS stand for? database management system
What is Scalability? The ability to handle high, variable, and non-predictable transaction throughput
What would let you log into a  network, then access various  resources without needing  to provide your username. NT'S Gateway Services For Netware(GSNW)
What is more secure  SSL or TLS? TLS
What are three elements of  network management?  Security, performance, reliability
What is the difference  between a Manager  and an Agent?  Manager - react by executing a group of actions, including operator notification, event logging, system shutdown, and automatic attempts at system repair Agents - software used by devices that enables them to send alerts when they recognize problems
What does MIB stand for? management information database
What are management  Proxies?  entities that provide management information on behalf of other entities
What does SNMP stand for?  Simple Network Management Protocol
Why would you do  a network audit?  To define what is normal for the network so you can evaluate deviations from that norm.
What is a baseline?  describes the normal status on the network, and provides a reference point
Which is not one of the five audit types listed  in lecture two? Aything that is not Inventory Audits Facility Audit Operational Audit Efficiency Audit Security Audit
What type of audit describes what is normal for any given network?  Operational Audit
What does EMI stand for?  Electromagnetic Interference
What does RFI stand for?  RF Interference
What does NFS stand for? Network File System
What does RFC stand for?  Request for Comments
What does CIFS stand for?  Common Internet File System
What is SMB the same as? CIFS
What does SMB stand for? Server Message Block
What is SAMBA? Samba allows Unix servers to communicate with the same networking protocol as Microsoft Windows products
What is smbd?  A daemon that allows file and printer sharing on an SMB network and provides authentication and authorization for SMB clients
What is nmbd? NETBIOS Message Block Daemon A daemon that looks after the Windows Internet Name Service (WINS), and assists with browsing
What does SFU stand for?  Service for Unix
What does SAN stand for?  Storage Area Network
What does NAS stand for?  Network Attached Storage
What does DAS stand for?  Direct Attached Storage
What does SCSI stand for?  Small Computer System Interface
What is Fibre Channel?  A data rate of up to 1 Gbps. (A data rate of 10 Gbps has been proposed by the Fibre Channel Industry Association.) High-speed optical network technology. Runs at 2, 4, 8 and 16 gigabits per second. Used to connect Network data storage.
What is iSCSI?  Internet Small Computer System Interface. Technology that allows data to be transported to and from storage devices over an IP network. It serializes the data from a SCSI connection.
What is the difference  between Postscript  and PCL?  Postscript - Prints using Vector Graphics PCL - Prints using Raster Graphics
What is a WinPrinter? A printer that only works with Windows
What does CUPS stand for? Common UNIX Printing System
What is Vector Graphics?  Vector graphics produce images using mathematically generated points, lines, and shapes
What is Raster Graphics?  Raster, or bitmapped, graphics produce images as grids of individually defined pixels
What does BIND stand for? Berkeley Internet Name Domain
What is a purpose of using  a PROXY server?  Improve Performance: Filter Requests
What is a FIREWALL? A system designed to prevent unauthorized access to or from a private network (intranet)
Which is not a techniques  used by firewalls Not: Packet filter Application gateway Stateful inspection
What is IP spoofing?  A technique used to gain unauthorized access to computers, whereby the intruder sends messages to a computer with an IP address indicating that the message is coming from a trusted host.
What does DMZ stand for?  de-militarized zone
What is a gateway? In networking, a combination of hardware and software that links two different types of networks.
What is an Extranet?  If a corporate web connects two or more trading partners, it is often referred to as a business-to-business web, or Extranet
What does XML stand for?  eXtensible Markup Language
What does ADSL stand for? Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line
What does IMAP stand for? Internet Message Access Protocol
What is the difference  between  Unicode and ASCII?  Unlike ASCII, which uses 8 bits for each character, Unicode uses 16 bits, which means that it can represent more than 65,000 unique characters. Unicode represents Characters as integers
What does MIME stand for? Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions
What does SMTP stand for? Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
What does MTA stand for? Mail transfer Agent
What is an example  of a MUA?  Eudora and Outlook
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