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WJEC - CG1 - 1.7

Characteristics of Computer Applications

What kind of computer systems are used today - Monthly payroll - billing systems - aeroplane control systems - process control systems - computer based learning - computer assisted design (CAD)
Why use a payroll system rather then assign that task to a person - The job can be done instantly by a computer, will be accurate and consistent - The computer doesn't take breaks and doesn't need pay -
Why would an automated aeroplane control system be better then a human - The computer system does not need to sleep and can make complex calculations instantly ensuring that paths, schedules and other important control systems are always working and accurate
Why would a billing system be better for online markets (ebay etc) - The transactions can be done instantly producing reporting instantly and giving customers confirmation quickly.
What is a transaction file in this context - a non permanent store of data, such as a daily sales sheet
What is a master file in this context - a permanent store of data, such as a sales sheet consisting of all the sales data since the start of the record
What is a V.L.E. (computer aided learning) - Virtual Learning Environment (fronter)
Why would a batch system be useful - if your company had a task that need to be repeated constantly such as working out VAT on sales, or printing out fliers, monthly mailing lists etc this could be done by a computer system
What is a process control system - A computer system that is designed to carry out a function depending on whats input into it - A control system may keep the temperature constant in a green house
What are the three types of network, (not lan, wan, wifi etc) - Internet - Extranet - Internet
What is an intranet - A network built within a local area network, webpages are saved and stored internally and is usual used by a company, to communicate internally, send files and data, received company wide information and notifications
What is an extranet - basically an intranet but, the company allow a non employee member to access it, only data permitted by the internal system staff is visible and an the rest is blocked to the external user.
What is the internet A huge collection of networks all joined together
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