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Relatively tough Minecraft questions

How high into the sky can you build? 256 blocks
What is Spleef? A minigame where players attempt to dig the floor out from under their opponents.
What Biome can emeralds rarely be found in? (excluding villages) Extreme Hills
What are pros and cons of the Mushroom Biome? Pro: No monsters spawn. Con: There is no wood within the biome.
Who is the singer of the song "How Do I Craft This Again?" InTheLittleWood
On the Mineplex server, how do you add someone to your party? /party <playername>
What levels are diamonds most abundant? 5 and 12
What is the name of the minecraft parody of "Drive By" and who created it? "Never Say Goodbye"; Thxcya
What is needed to create the wither? 4 Soul Sand, 3 Wither Skeleton Skulls
What are the three types of horse armor? Iron, Gold, Diamond
How many strongholds in a world in the PC version of minecraft? 3
What was the name for the 1.7 update? The Update That Changed The World
How many books are necessary to make enough bookshelves to have the highest level of enchanting? 90
How many types of villagers exist? 6 including the generic villager spawned in only by using commands
Who created the minecraft parody of Dynamite? CaptainSparklez
What platforms is Minecraft on or going to be on? PC, Mac, Xbox 360, Xbox One, IOS, Raspberry Pi, PS3, PS4
What armor is unobtainable without using cheats? Chain
What are the names for leather pieces of armor? Cap, Tunic, Leggings, Boots
What is Notch's real name? Markus Persson
What launcher is needed to play the modpacks Attack of the B-Team, Hexxit, and Voltz? Technic launcher
In the original Diversity adventure map, where was the last level of the dropper section located? The End
What did C148 create for minecraft? The music
What is the other title for the the music piece Piano2? Wet Hands
What was the name for the 1.8 update? The Bountiful Update
What do sheep drop as of 1.8? Wool and Raw Mutton
Who worked on creating squids? Jeb
What mobs cannot be created with spawn eggs(without using commands)? Wither, Ender Dragon, Iron Golem, Snow Golem, Elder Guardian, Generic Villager
What effect do Elder Guardians give you? Mining Fatigue III
What energy system does the mod Buildcraft use? Minecraft Joules
What material is needed to craft chain armor (only possible using commands)? Fire
Created by: someone random