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Unit 4 Weather and Seasons

bad خراب
busy اخته
located پروت
dangerous خطرناک
hard/difficult سخت
easy اسان
all ټول
hungry وږی
thirsty تږی
humid نمجن/مرطوب
dry وچ
still لاهم
because of this له دې امله/د دې امله
because ځکه چې
when کله چې
respected listeners محترمو اورېدونکو
received report رارسېدلس خبر
grapes انګور
place/area/region سيمه/منطقه
part برخه
temperature/degree درجه/جرارت
earthquake زلزله
storm طوفان
ice يخی/يخک/يخ
humidity نم/لندبل/رطوبت
wind شمال
hail ږلۍ/ژلۍ
flood سيلاب/سيلاو/سېل
desert/open space ډاګ/دښت
surrounding شاوخوا
drought وچکالي
harvest حاصل
pond(water) ډنډ/جهيل/ولاړېاوبه
season موسم
forest ځنګل
to rain/fall اُورېدل
to appear ښکارېدل/معلومېدل
to become کېدل
to be destroyed له/د مينځه تبب
to be blocked/trapped/stuck بندېدل
to close بندول
to pay attention/to focus توجه کول
to picnic مېله کول
to fall (tree), collapse/turnover (vehicle) جپه کېدل
to flow بهېدل
to continue/last دوام لرل/درلودل/-کول
gardener باغوان
weather conditions دهواحالات
I think that... زه فکر کوم چې
the entire area/region ټوله منطقه
Created by: AbbyRivard



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