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SharePoint Core

SharePoint 2013

Profile Synchronization Permissions Replicate Directory Changes on Domain
Content Authors can publish Create Multiple authoring site collections Create A site that contains lists Document libraries Pages library Asset library Enable anonymous access to the library on the authoring web app
Future SharePoint Server Installs Extract the content of each file to the Updates Folder by running the /extract:<path> command
Ensure applications meet tech reqs using LEAST AMOUNT OF ADMINISTRATIVE EFFORT PowerShell used to configure applications
Allow Admins to promote search query results rule type - query rule Action or Condition - Add Promoted Results
Monitor changes to a value in specific reg key Monior the SharePoint cache hit ratios Perform monitoring only from 9am to 3pm daily Use a system defined data collector set
Configure managed path Use a wildcard inclusion for /corp
Office 365 Authentication 1)Add domain.com as an office 365 SSO domain and use the SupportMultipleDomain parameter 2) Add domain.com as an O365 SSO Domain and update all user principal names (UPNs) to also use domain.com
Use Windows Authentication Open Authorization 2.0 (OAuth 2.0) web authorization protocol
Authentication issue in SP Environment 1) Deploy the Secure Store Service 2) Use classic mode authentication and set the authentication type to Kerberos
BLOB Cach Performance Monitor 1) how full the cache is and 2) removal of cache contets 1) Blob Cache Fill Ration 2) Total number of cache compactions
Microblogging features for blogging (Setting up Mysites is the firest step in configuring microblog features in SharePoint 2013) 1) Enable the Site Feeds feature on each My Site 2) Enable the Flollowing Content feature on each team site
ensure that profile info about contractors and employees is available in search results 1) Enable continuous crawl on search content source 2) select the search service app that contains https://parnter domain.your domain.com 3) As the search service admin, configure service application settings in Central admin
configure search to support resource coordinators 1) SO to CA as search service app admin. Configure the service app settings 2) add a new results source 3)Configure the type to include SP search results
Configure existing managed metadata service app for term store management 1) Grant read and restricted Write Access to Term Store permission to the WingtipToys and Tailspin toys app pool accounts 2) Add the managed metadata service connection to the app proxy group that is assigned to all three web apps
Replicate profiel information in your https://site to partner sites 1) Turn on the replicable setting 2) Turn off the user can override policy setting 3) Set the default privacy setting to my Team
Configure Environ for conf docs 1) Site collection policies gallery, create policy feature 2) associate the policy feature with the restricted content type 3) Activate the policy feature
Created by: jscadden