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Defences for the Accused

Defence a denial of or a justification for, criminal behaviour
Mental Disorder defined in a Criminal Code as a "disease of the mind"
Automatism A condition in which a person acts without being aware of what he or she is doing
Insane Automatism A form of automatism caused by a mental disorder
Non-insane Automatism A form of automatism caused by an external factor
Intoxication The condition of being overpowered by alcohol or drugs to the point of losing self-control
Self Defence The use of reasonable force
Dwelling House Any building or other structure that is occupied on a permanent or temporary basis
Necessity A defence stating that the accused had no reasonable alternative to committing an illegal act
Compulsion or Duress A defence in which the accused person is forced by the threat of violence to commit a criminal act against his or her will
Provocation Words or action that are insulting enough to cause an ordinary person to lose self-control
Double Jeopardy The legal doctrine that an accused person cannot be tried twice for the same offence
Alibi A defence raised by the accused claiming that he or she was somewhere else when the offence was committed
Entrapment A defence against police conduct that illegally induces that defendant to commit a criminal act
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