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HERBS 2 quiz 1 FX


MA HUANG - 4 1: Promote Sweat to Relieve Wind Cold Invasion (Cold Damage, no sweat) 2: Stops Wheeze, Cough, and Asthma3: Promotes Urination to Treat Some Edema4: Treats Bi Syndrome
GUI ZI - 4 1: Promotes Sweat to Relieve Wind Cold Invasion (Wind Strike, spontaneous sweat)2: Warms Yang and Transforms Thin Mucous3: Warms and Unblocks Channels and Collaterals4: Assists HT Yang and Unblocks Yang Qi of the Chest (Chest Bi/Coronary HT disease)
ZI SU YE/ ZI SU GENG - 3 1: Promotes Sweat to Treat Wind Cold Invasion (mild, but Zi Su Ye stronger than Zi Su Geng)2: Moves Sp/ST Qi3: Detoxifies for Certain Seafood Poisoning (Zi Su Ye better)
JING JIE - 2 1: Promotes Sweat to Treat Wind Cold Invasion and Wind Heat Invasion (Wind Heat Skin Rash, better than Fang Feng for redness)2: Stops Bleeding Caused by Blood Heat, when used charred (Jing Jie Tan)
FANG FENG - 4 1: Promotes Sweat to Treat Wind Cold/Heat Invasion (Wind Heat Skin Rash, better than Jing Jie for itching, Commander of all External Wind Related Herbs)2: Smoothes Spasm and Contraction3: Treats Bi Syndrome4: Detoxifies Certain Chemical Poisoning (not hea
QIANG HUO - 3 1: Promotes Sweat to Treat Wind Cold Invasion2: Dispels External Damp3: Treats Bi Syndrome (upper body, Du Huo - lower body)
GAO BEN - 2 1: Promotes Sweat to Treat Wind Cold Invasion (pain, headache, body aches)2: Treats Bi Syndrome Pain
BAI ZHI 1: Promotes Sweat to Treat Wind Cold Invasion (Yang Ming headaches with Chuan Xiong, 1/3 herbs that open nasal orifices to treat sinus infection)2: Clears Heat Toxicity (skin infection, Huang Lian and Jin Yin Hua also)3: Dispels Damp, especially leukorrhe
XI XIN 1: Promotes Sweat to Relieve Wind Cold Invasion (body aches and headaches, severe cold signs)2: Stops Pain (Bi Syndrome, Toothache)3: Warms Channels and Organ Systems (esp. LU)2: Stops Pain (Bi Syndrome)
SHENG JIAN 1: Promote Sweat to Relieve Wind Invasion (very mild, oly secondary)2: Warms LU (transforms Wind Cold Phlegm, Shi Gao, Jin Yin Hua, Huang Qi clear LU Heat)3: Warms SP/ST to Stop Vomiting and Nausea (Bai Shao, Zi Su Ye, and Chen Pi also)
CONG BAI 1: Promotes Sweat to Treat Wind Cold Invasion (not very strong, like Sheng Jiang, used more in food therapy)2: Unblocks Yang Qi/ Warms SP Yang, Internal and External (Prostate Problems with Difficulty Starting Urination, External: dry stir fry made into w
CANG ER ZI 1: Promotes Sweat to Treat Wind Cold Invasion (Nasal Problems, stuffy nose, runny nose, sinus infection, also Bai Zi)2: Expels Wind-Cold-Damp for Bi Syndrome Pain (stiffness, rigidity, inflexibility of joints)
XIN YIN HUA 1: Opens Nasal Orifices to Treat Wind Cold Invasion (Bai Zi, Cang Er Zi also)Prepared in Paper Bag
BO HE 1: Treats Wind Heat Invasion2: Vents Rashes3: Smooths LV Qi
NIU BANG ZI 1: Treats Wind Heat Invasion (painful, swollen, red throat & skin rash/German Measles, Bo He, Jing Jie, and Fang Feng also treat skin rash)3: Moistens LI to relieve constipation (usually a side effect)
CHAN TUI 1: Treats Wind Heat Invasion (hoarse throat, voice loss, and skin, better than Niu Bang Zi for itching, Chicken Pox)2: Relieves Spasm, Contraction and Convulsion (Internal Wind, remaining Uterine Heat in newborns, Gou Teng also)3: Brightens Eyes
SANG YE 1: Treats Wind Heat Invasion (moistens LU to treat dry cough)2: Clears LV Heat to Brighten Eyes (LV Heat Related Eye problems (redness, sensitivity to light, swelling, pain)3: Cools Blood to Stop Heat Related Bleeding (esp. cough with blood, TB, Fall seas
JU HUA 1: Treats Wind Heat Invasion (red, itchy, painful, swollen eyes, and headaches)2: Clears LV Heat to Brighten Eyes (internal/external, also treats general LV Heat, Bo He, Sang Ye, Huang Qin also)
MAN JING ZI 1: Treats Wind Heat Invasion (Clears face and head, headaches, eye problems, throat problems, ear blockage, Ju Hua, Sang Ye, Bo He, Chan Tui also treat eyes, Chan Tui, Liu Bang Zi also treat throat)2: Expels Damp to Treat Bi Syndrome
DAN DOU CHI 1: Treats Wind Heat Invasion (mild)2: Heat Related Irritability (Shen uneasiness, irritability)Xian Dou Chi is salty, used for cooking, Dan Dou Chi is tasteless
GE GEN 1: Treats Wind Heat Invasion (headaches with stiffness/tightness/spasm on neck, improves circulation of blood in neck2: Generates Body Fluid (LU/ST Yin/Body Fluid Xu, not LV/KD Yin Xu, Sheng Di Huang also tonifies ST/LU Yin, Shu Di Huang tonifies KD/LV Yi
CHAI HU 1: Treats Shao Yang Syndrome (alt. fever and chills, LV Qi Stagnation w/heat: bitter taste, irritability, dry, itchy, swollen, red, sensitive eyes, ear problems: tinnitus, pain, deafness; LV Qi Overacting on SP/ST: vomiting/nausea/dry heaving, ribside/hyp
SHENG MA 1: Treats Wind Heat Invasion (skin rash, German Measles)2: Clears Heat from SP/ST (bleeding, swollen gums, hunger, skin infection: sores/carbuncles/boils, constipation, dry stool, toothache, Bai Zhu, Huang Lian, Jin Yin Hua also)3: Raises SP/ST Yang
FU PING 1: Relieves Wind Heat Invasion (mild, treats Damp & Chicken Pox)2: Promotes Urination to Treat Water Retention/Edema/Eliminate Damp (mild
SHI GAO 1: Clear Heat Drain Fire (4 BIGS: fever, thirst, sweat, pulse)2: Clears Heat from LU and ST (LU Heat: cough, wheeze, yellow, sticky phlegm, bloody sputum, chest pain, raised shoulders; ST Heat: constipation, hunger, thirst, dry mouth, bad breath, bleeding
ZHI MU 1: Clear Heat Drain Fire (4 BIGS, fever, thirst, sweat, pulse)2: Nourish KD Yin3: Treat Escess/Def. Heat (White Tiger Concoction: Zhi Mu and Shi Gao, Huang Bai also clears Def. Heat)
ZHI ZI 1: Clear Heat and Drain Fire (All over, SJ, Heat Related Shen Problems: irritability, restlessness, Insomnia, HT, Dan Dou Chi also treats Shen Related Heat, Huang Lian also Clears HT Heat)2: Clears Damp Heat (diarrhea, jaundice, acute UTI, leukorrhea, Hua
DAN ZHU YE 1: Clears HT Heat (shen disturbance: HT palpitation, anxiety, insomnia, dream disturbed sleep; canker sores, boils in mouth and tongue; SI: inability to separate clear and turbid, urination problems)2: Promotes Urination3: Treats General ST Heat
XIA KU CAO - 3 1: Clears Heat and Drains Fire (LV/GB to brighten eyes: redness, swelling, pain, sensitivity, blurry vision, glaucoma/LV Heat/increased eye pressure/hardened eyeballs, Bo He, Sang Ye, and Ju Hua also Clear LV Heat to brighten eyes)2: Softens and Reduces M
Created by: LJMontero