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Name and Description of Mythological Creatures

Centaurs Half-man half-horse creatures. Their upper half was human, while their lower half had four legs like a horse. In general, they were loud and vulgar.
Cerberus A giant three-headed dog that guarded the gates of the Underworld. It was the offspring of the feared monster Typhon. Hercules had to capture it as one of his Twelve Labors.
Charybdis A sea monster that took the shape of a giant whirlpool. Any ships that came near it were pulled down to the bottom of the sea.
Chimera A giant monster that was a combination of many animals including a goat, lion, and snake. It was an offspring of Typhon. It was feared throughout Greek mythology as it could breathe fire.
Cyclopes One-eyed giants. They were famous for making Zeus his thunderbolts and Poseidon his trident. Odysseus also came into contact with a one while on his adventures in the Odyssey.
Furies Flying creatures with sharp fangs and claws who hunted down murderers. There were three main creatures who were sisters: Alecto, Tisiphone, and Magaera. The "Furies" is actually a Roman name. The Greeks called them the Erinyes.
Griffins A combination of a lion and an eagle. It had the body of a lion and the head, wings, and talons of an eagle.Were said to live in northern Greece where they guarded a huge treasure
Harpies Flying creatures with the faces of women. Famous for stealing the food of Phineus every time he tried to eat.
Hydra A fearsome monster from Greek Mythology. It was a giant snake with nine heads. The problem was that if you cut one head off, more heads would quickly grow back. Hercules slew this creature as one of his Twelve Labors.
Medusa A type of Greek monster called a Gorgon. She had a woman's face, but had snakes for hair. Anyone who looked into her eyes would be turned to stone.
Minotaur Had the head of bull and the body of a man.Came from the island of Crete. He lived underground in a maze called the Labyrinth. Each year seven boys and seven girls were locked into the Labyrinth to be eaten by this creature.
Pegasus A beautiful white horse that could fly. The horse of Zeus and the offspring of the ugly monster Medusa.Helped the hero Bellerophon to kill the chimera
Satyr Half-goat half-man. They were peaceful creatures who loved to have a good time. They also liked to pull pranks on the gods.
Scylla A terrible sea monster with 12 long tentacle legs and 6 dog-like heads. She guarded one side of the Strait of Messina while her counterpart Charibdis guarded the other side.
Siren Sea nymphs who lured sailors to crash on the rocks of their islands with their songs. Once a sailor heard the song, he could not resist.
Sphinx Had the body of a lion, the head of a woman, and the wings of an eagle. It terrorized the city of Thebes, killing all those who could not solve its riddle.
Typhon Perhaps the scariest and most powerful of all the monsters in Greek Mythology. He was called the "Father of all monsters" and even the gods were scared of Him. Only Zeus could defeat Him.
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