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Ch 23 Study Guide

As a result of the economic growth during World War II, Texas was able to... pay off its debt from the Depression.
Which of the following was a result of the stock market crash of 1929? Banks closed because they could not collect the money they were owed.
How did some city governments help Texans during the Great Depression? All of the above
The president who introduced the New Deal was ________ ______________. Franklin Roosevelt.
The New Deal helped farmers by... paying them to grow fewer crops, which raised prices.
The governor of Texas who strengthened law enforcement and established the Department of Public Safety was _______ ___ ________. James V. Allred
During World War II, the countries of Germany, Italy, and Japan made up the ______ ________. Axis Powers
How did the Navy honor Leonard Ray Harmon, who died while protecting a wounded shipmate? A ship was named for him in 1943.
to buy and sell stocks in hopes of profiting from changes in the market speculate
name given to states that were devastated by drought between 1935 and 1937 Dust Bowl
U.S. congressman from Texas who backed legislation to prevent another stock market crash Sam Rayburn
president during the beginning of the Great Depression, whom many blamed for their losses Herbert Hoover
the nation's highest military decoration Congressional Medal of Honor
World war II soldier from Texas who received every U.S. medal awarded for valor Audie Murphy
Women, African Americans, and Hispanics had a harder time finding work during WORLD WAR II because many people preferred to give jobs to Anglo men. True or False? False
The Hall of Negro Life, which presented examples of African American culture, was featured at the TEXAS CENTENNIAL EXPOSITION. True or False? True
The agency created to ensure that people do not lose their money when banks fail is the NAACP. True or False? False
Once World War II began, business in Texas began making LESS MONEY. True or False? False
Usually, companies sell stock in order to GET OUT OF DEBT. True or False? False
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