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Lecture 34

Urine Production-Bladder Function

Collecting Duct Goes through from cortex to medulla. always dilute filtrate at cortical end. repsonds to vasopressin;no VP leads to little water reab leads to dilute urine
Vasopressin from posterior pituitary. released when plasma osmolarity high. causes insertion of aquaporins in CD membrane
Aquaporins h20 channels-h20 goes through aqp. osmotic pressure of solutes in medilla (1200 mOsm) draws water.retain h20,urine up to 1200 mOsm
Diabetes Insipidus either dec VP production or lack of kideny response (bad receptor). excess water loss leads to shovck leads to death. need to drink much water to survive
Urine Buffering filtrate pH must be 4.5 or greater for H+ to enter filtrate. bicarbonate and phosphate from filtration and ammonia from tubular secretion buffer urine
Aldosterone Effects inc # of active na+ carriers on lumenal side of CD tubular cells. this inc na+ reab in collecting duct.h2o follows osmotically. k+ reab is reciprocal to na+
Secondary Hypertension reduced renal artery flow leads to dec renal BP leads to excess renin leads to inc BP. treat w/ ACE inhibitors to block ang 2 production. diagnosis by determining RBF w/ PAH
Renal Dysfunction wide glomerular pores leads to protein in urine leads to edema due to low protein. loss of concentration diluting-loss of nephrons (mult causes). acidosis by e.g. lack of ammonia (reduced by h+ secretion) leads to dec neural func
Sodium Dysfunction excess na+ retention leads to edema,hypertension dec filtering,excessive aldosterone,leads to heart failure
Bladder Function storage of urine. no changes after leaving kidneys
Ureter Entry ureter connects kidney to bladder. ureters passes inside bladder wall at an bladder pressure closes ureter,prevents backflow
Bladder Sphincters around urethra,the tube draining the bladder. internal urinary sphincter is smooth muslce-involuntary. external urinary sphincter is skeletal muscle-voluntary
Control of Micturition urination.spinal reflex relaxation of internal sphincter when bladder pressure inc. reflex relaxtion of external sphincter follows.cortex can overcome reflex relax of ext sphicnter.parasymp neurons inc bladder body concentration.
Control of Micturition cont pelvic floor descends allowing urine flow. exercise after delivery maintains pelvic floor strength.
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