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And Then There Were

malevolence evil influence
exonerate blameless
gramophone record player
mackintosh raincoat
heliograph apparatus for sending messages
acquiesce comply
stiletto dagger
asphyxiation lack of oxygen
larder storage room
tenacious reluctant/unyielding
impious disrespectful/rude
lithe limber/flexible
solicitude deep concern
obliquely slanting
indictments formal accusations
epistolary carried on by letters
squall sudden violent storm
aura distinct quality
inquest investigation
Deportment conduct/behavior
Why was Emily Brent going to the island hired to be Mrs. Owens' secretary
Who was Fred Narracott boatman
Did Mr. and Mrs. Rogers work for Mr. Owens before? no
Philip Lombard felt guilty about leaving 20 Africans to die? no
Who shot Philip Lombard? Vera Claythorne
Who is really the tenth murder victim? Isaac Morris
Which character committed suicide? Judge Wargrave
Who tried to pass himself off as an African colonial Mr. Blore
who is a games mistress in a third class school Vera Claythorne
Who has a reputation of being a good main in a tight place? Philip Lombard
who has an aura of righteousness and unyielding principle? Emily Brent
who is a creature of sensation and action? Anthony Marston
Why are Armstrong and Lombard primary suspects? They had access to weapons
Lombard brings a revolver to the island because? He has been hired by Morris to keep an eye on things
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