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Japan 1945-2014


Who was Japan built under? General MacArthur
What kind of government did Japan have? Constitutional Monarchy.
What was Japans Democratic Reforms? Women gained vote, Education access for all at top healthcare, universal health care.
What was Japan's defense? U.S. military bases only.
What was Japan economic powers? 1 of top economic powers.
What economic miracle did Japan have? Business, and industry.
What happened in 1990 for Japan? Economic recession.
What is Japans GDP in the world? 3rd in the world.
What competition does Japan have? Asia competition.
What bad things will happen to Japan? Future with earthquakes, tsunami, nuclear disaster.
What is Japan trying to recover from? 1980's glory.
What does GDP stand for? Gross Domestic Product
How much of 10 banks are Japanese? 1 of top 10 banks.
How much of 20 banks are Japanese? 4 of top 20 banks.
Who is Japan's figurehead? The emperor.
Created by: osana_coco4