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Age of exploration

why were European sailors in the 1400s afraid to sail too far out to sea? sea monsters
what are astrolabes? instrument which gives latitude by looking at the position of the sun in the sky
what is a caravel? ship that is clinker built and has lateen sails
who were the Aztecs? native empire in Mexico , conquered by Cortes
compass instrument which gives direction
inca native empire in peru , conquered by pizzarro
portolan charts early navigational maps of the sea
where was Columbus born? and when? genoa 1451
who sponsored his journey? king Ferdinand and queen Isabella of spain
name his 3 ships nina , pinta and santa maria
what disease did a lot of sailors get while on long sea voyages? scurvy
what did Columbus name the natives indians
when did columbus' voyage begin? 3rd august 1492
Created by: acostello