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Roots & Affixes

Greek and Latin Roots and Affixes and their meanings

Ambi Both
Ex Out
Fore Front
Con/com With
Multi Many
Sub Under
Sym, Sys, Syn Together
Ultra Beyond
Arch Rule
Auto Self
Bio Life
Cycle Circle
Ethno Race/Culture
Graph Write
Phone Sound
Photo Light
Port Carry
Tele Far
Therm/Thermo Heat
Duct Lead
Lumen Light
Magna Large
Miss/mitt Send
Mov/mot/mobil Move
Reg King
Scrib Write
Tempo Time
Tend/Tens/Tenu Stretch
Video/vis See
Viv/Vict Live
-Able/ible Capable of, fit for (Washable, Recyclable)
-fy Cause to become (Nullify, Catify)
-ship Condition or quality (Friendship) Art or skill (Horsemanship)
-ity Degree or state (Humidity)
Created by: Jane DiBridge