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ch19 stack

bootstrapping operating as cheap as possible
factor agent who handles an entrepreneur's account receivable for a fee
equity capital cash raised for a business in exchange for ownership in the business
equity ownership in a business
risk capital money invested in companies where there is financial risk
Angel private investor who funds startup companies
venture capital source of equity financing for small business with exceptional growth potential and good management
venture capitalists individual investors who invest venture capital professionally
debt capital is the money raised by taking out loans
operating capital money a business uses to support its operations short term
line of credit an arrangement whereby a lender agrees to lend a specific amount of money for a specific amount of interest over a specific period of time
trade credit credit one business grants to another business for purchase of goods
pro forma estimated costs of the business
character borrowers reputation for fair and ethical business practices
capacity ability business to pay back a loan
capital net worth of a business
collateral security in the form of assets that a company pledges to a lender
conditions circumstances at the time of the loan request
due diligence analysis private investor makes before investing
private placement private offering or sale of securities directly to a limited number of investors
IPO sale of stock in a company on a public stock exchange
stock type of security signifies ownership
working capital operating costs
contingency funds extra amount of money that is saved till absolutely necessary
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