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LA test

Feemina/Infans Infantis

Female The gender that can produce eggs or bear offspring.
Feminine Having qualities associated with women.
Femininity State of being womanly.
Effeminate Feminine in appearance or manner; unmasculine.
Feminism Advocacy of women's rights.
Femme fatale An irresistibly attractive woman.
Infant Speechless; one who cannot yet speak.
Infancy Condition of being an infant; early childhood.
Infantile Behaving like an infant or child.
Infanta Daughter of the King and Queen of Spain or Portugal who is not heir to the throne.
Infante Son of the King and Queen of Spain or Portugal who is not heir to the throne.
Infant school School for children under 7 years old.
Infantry (Then) Force composed of those too young or inexperienced or low in rank for cavalry service; (Now) foot soldiers in an army.
Infanticipate To be in a state of expecting the birth of the child.
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