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blackjack game


Week 1:8 cm Week 2:6 cm Week 3:10 cm Week 4:2 cm which week had the least rainfall? Jag 1 week 4. you win $100 Jag 1
Week 1:8 cm Week 2:6 cm Week 3:10 cm Week 4:2 cm which week had 6 cm of rainfall? Jag 1 week 2. you win $75 Jag 1
What happens to the dependent variable in an experiment? Jag 2 You measure it. you win $50 Jag 2
which of the fallowing is not used to measure volume? A.)thermometer B.)test tube C.) graduated cylinder D.)Test Tube Jag 2 A.) Thermometer you win $80 Jag 2
what unit is used to represent density? Jag 3 G/cm3. you win $125 jag 3
A lead ball has a mass 113 grams. what type of scientific statement is this? Jag 3 Observation. You win $100 Jag 3
What commonly used woodsman tool is a wedge? Jag 4 An axe. you win $110 Jag 4
Why is wind considered a renewable resource ? Jag 5 Wind comes from atmospheric conditions that available indefinitely you win $150 Jag 5
why are fossil fuel nonrenewable resources? Jag 5 They take a very very long time to produce you win $90 Jag 5
what is the basic unit of all living organisms? Jag 6 The cell You win $50 Jag 6
what is the order of multi-cellular structure from most simple to most complex? jag 6 Cells, Tissue, Organs, Organ systems you win $150 Jag 6
What do red H's on the map stand for? Jag 7 High Pressure you win $100 Jag 7
What type of cloud is associated with thunder storms? Jag 7 CSTratus you win $75 jag 7
in which environment is white fur an advantage for survival? jag 8 Arctic tundra you win $90 jag 8
if rabbits live in bushes and feed on grass. what factor(s) would harm the rabbit populations? Jag 8 number of bushes and amount of grass you win $25 Jag 8
which unit of measure would astronomers use to measure the distance between stars? Jag 9 Light-years you win $60 Jag 9
what occurs because of the gravitational attraction between the earth and Moon? Jag 9 The ocean tides you win $30 Jag 9
what things are changing in an experiment? Variables test Variables you win $5 Variables test
if you look at the results that happen most often your looking at? Variables test mode you Win $50 Variables test
what are things you keep the same in an experiment? Variables test Controls you win $60 variables test
how many variables should be tested for changes in an experiment? variables test 1 you win $20 variables test
what is the first step in the scientific method? Variables test Problem/Question You win $40 Variables test
The lowest parts of transverse waves are called? Waves test Troughs you win $80 Waves test
The distance between 2 crests or 2 troughs is what wave measure? Waves test Wavelength you win $60 Waves test
A sound wave is an example of which type of wave? Waves test Longitudinal waves you win $80 Waves test
what can wave mediums be made of? Waves test Solids,Liquids, and Gasses you win $50 Waves test
An ocean waves is an example of a? Waves test Transverse wave you win $110 Waves test
What force holds the planets in orbit around the sun? Solar system test Gravity you win $40 Solar system test
The shape of planets orbit is typically? Solar system test Elliptical you win $70 Solar system test
This object is the center of our solar system and all planets revolve around it? Solar system test The sun you win $25 Solar system test
Comets are mostly made up of? Solar system test ice, dust, and gas you win $85 Solar system test
Asteroids are mainly found where? Solar system test In the asteroid belt beyond mars you win $50 Solar system test
During what moon phase can a lunar eclipse occur? Eclipses and Tides Test Full Moon you win $75 Eclipses and Tides Test
What object has the most effect on the ocean tides? Eclipses and Tides Test The Moon you win $40 Eclipses and Tides Test
what is an eclipse? Eclipses and Tides Test When one heavenly body casts a shadow on to another. you win $125 Eclipses and Tides Test
What part of a shadow causes a total eclipse? Eclipses and Tides Test Umbra you win $60 Eclipses and Tides Test
How many low tides occur in a 24 hour period? Eclipses and Tides Test 2 you win $20 Eclipses and Tides Test
What change would occur if the earths rotation was faster? Astronomy Final The day would be shorter you win $75 Astronomy Final
The length of a year is equivalent to? Astronomy Final A revolution of around the sun you win $130 Astronomy Final
During what moon phase can a solar eclipse occur? Astronomy Final New Moon you win $75 Astronomy Final
The Moon has the greatest effect on the earth's? Astronomy Final Ocean Tides you win $60 Astronomy Final
In Ohio an observer would see the sun rise in the? Astronomy Final East you win $25 Astronomy Final
What is the order of the Earth's layers from inner most to outer most? Earth test Inner Core, Outer Core, Mantle, Crust you win $80 earth test
Which term best describes the currents in the magma that cause the plates to move? earth test Convection you win $150
According to the theory of plate tectonics, the Earth's outer layer is best described by which of the following? Earth test Broken into a dozen or so major tectonic plates you win $125 Earth test
The type of plate boundary in which two pieces of continental crust slide past each other sideways is known as _____ Earthquakes and faults occur at this plate boundary. Earth test Transform you win $90 Earth test
Which part of the Earth is a solid ball of iron? Earth test The Inner Core you win $50 Earth test
Is perfume evaporating on your skin a physical or chemical change? Jag 11 Physical you win -$80 jag 11
is corroding a physical or chemical change? Jag 11 Chemical you win $50
Created by: phfel
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