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Unité 7 vocab+cultur

Vocab+culture+time w/ depuis **note: accent marks not included**

un agent agent/ airline employee
l'Amerique America
un ascenseur elevator
atterir to land
les bagages bags
un comptoir counter
un controle de securite security
un cote coast
un couloir hall/ aisle
declarer to declare
decoller to takeoff
une destination a destination
direct(e) direct
la douane customs
un douanier/ une douaniere customs agent
faire enregistrer les bagages to register/ check in bags
une escale lay-over
l'immgration immigration
indiquer to indicate
un panneau a sign
un passager/ une passagere passenger
passer a la douane passing through customs
une porte gate(door)
une porte d'embarquement boarding gate
rapide fast
un siege seat
une valise suitcase
verifier to verify
un vol flight
une compagne arienne airline
une siege cote fenetre window seat
billet ticket
une amende fine
une arrivee arrival
composteur the ticket stamping machine
un controleur/ une controleuse inspector
un depart departure
depuis for; since
depuis combien de temps- how long(time frame)
depuis quand- since when(specific time since)
esperer to hope
faire la queue to stand in line
il y a- specific time present
louer to rent
Mince! Darn!
monter to go up, to get on
Tu Parles! You're kidding!
Il me semble... It seems to me...
le tableau des arrivees et des departs arrival and departure sign at the train station
Tant Pis Too Bad
mon vieux bro; buddy; my friend
un voyageur/ une voyageuse travelers
une voie Track
le quai train platform
la gare train station
Blois -located in the Loire valley -is a city and also a chateau -Italian influence *des cabinets secrets ou Catherine de Medici
guichet ticket window
TGV le train a grande vitesse
SNCF la Socite Nationale des Chemins en fer
Les chateaux de loire et versailles -le jardin de la france
les chateaus de loire -Castles built in Middle Ages -Charles the eight -Leo da Vinci lived/ buried in Amboise -conspirators balcony-> french protestant rebels called Huenots were hangedd= beheaded here
Chenonceaux -on river Cher -le Chateau des six femmes
Chambord -very large; 440+ rooms -built as a hunting lodge for royalty and nobels
Palace of Versailles -11 miles SW of Paris -Hall of mirrors, La galerie des Glaces -Peace treaty of WW1 was signed here
Louis XIV le Roi Soleil, the sun king
Il y a -passe compose -means ago -put before a time expression
depuis combien temps - means how long, often -amt of time -followed by a present tense verb -ask for a quantity of time
depuis quand -means since when -specific time phrases -asks SPECIFIC time frame -followed by a present tense verb
Created by: samponder