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Animal Farm 1-5 AP

tools inplements
lively, energetic vivacious
indifference, lack of concern apathy
used to store food or vegetables, a kitchen scullery
most outstanding; the best preeminent
humiliating; demoralizing degrading
those in opposition; nonconformists dissentients
settled comfortably or snugly ensconced
a person who buys old animals for use as animal food or fertilizer knacker
pessimistic; distrustful of others cynical
hostility; deep seated hatred or ill will enmity
walking with small steps in a showy way mincing
well-spoken articulate
to get possession of something procure
after death posthumously
allowance of food rations
approved or agreed upon ratified
generator, power source dynamo
an excuse pretext
dug up disinterred
lack of interest indifferent
marked by baseness or grossness sordid
very clear and obvious; sharp acute
to get out of doing something shirked
mysterious; never clear cryptic
ability; capability faculty
a slogan; an easy way to remember something maxim
two week time span fortnight
easily controlled tractable
humiliating; degrading; dishonorable ignominious
a beating; a whipping flogging
Created by: thelton