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Ellen Foster

What does Ellen fantasize about in the first chapter? Killing her father who is an abusive alcoholic who comes to Ellen's school and scares everyone and gets arrested in the middle of the novel
How does Ellen try to help her mother? Makes dinner, sleeps in her mother's bed with her to keep an eye on her, and gets her father out of the house
What does Ellen compare her family to? A wild ride that has broken loose and is out of control
How does Ellen's mother die? She dies prematurely by taking an overdose of her prescription medication at home while Ellen is in bed with her mama
What does Ellen say her mother has finally done to her father through her death? She says her mama has finally shut her daddy up [so he cannot fight with her anymore]
What does cousin Dora do on the way to Ellen's mother's funeral? She wets herself on the seat of the car
What does Ellen like about her new home? Riding the pony Dolphin, lots of food to eat, having pretty curtains and matching pillows
Describe Ellen in 3 or more words. Intelligent, Resilient, Mature, Brave, Good Sense of Humor
How does Ellen show her grief at her mother's funeral? She refuses to look at the coffin as it is lowered into the ground
How does Ellen's grandmother feel towards Ellen's father? Her "mama's mama" hates her father & burns Ellen's father's flag
Whose clothes does Ellen wear to school after her mother's funeral? Her mother's clothes
What does Ellen do after her mother's death? Pays the bills, buys frozen dinners, avoids her father
How does Ellen show that she wants a "normal life?" She plays house with a catalog looking for furniture pictures and she joins the Girl Scouts
Who is Starletta and what does she not have in her house? Ellen's best friend and her family has no indoor bathroom
Why won't Ellen eat dinner at Starletta's house with Starletta's family? Because they are black & very poor, but are kind and caring to Ellen and give her a handmade sweater for Christmas
What does Ellen like about her new foster family? Her "new mama" washes her hair and there is plenty to eat
When does Ellen say "I am Ellen! I am Ellen!" to her father? When he is trying to sexually abuse her and she fights back and escapes
What does Ellen's father try to bribe Ellen with to make her come back home? An envelope of money
What does the art teacher Julia & her husband Roy give Ellen for her birthday? Art supplies-Julia & Roy are "go with flow" happy people who give Ellen a lovely birthday party with cake, presents, and a guest Starletta
Ellen reminds her grandmother of whom? Ellen's father; that's why her grandmother blames Ellen for her mama's death and always suspects the worse from Ellen saying she has her father's evil eye
What does Ellen's father die of? A brain aneurysm; he dies alone
What happens to the flag that Rudolph brings to Ellen's grandmother? She burns it in a fire outside because she hates Ellen's father
Why does Ellen care for her grandmother in her grandmother's last days? Ellen doesn't want to be associated with or blamed for another death but her grandmother dies while Ellen is taking care of her
How does Ellen frame her grandmother's body at the funeral home? With fake flowers even though Ellen's grandmother was mean to her and made her work in the fields
Who was supporting Ellen and her father with envelopes of money? Ellen's grandmother
Who does Starletta have a crush on? A white boy from school named Tom
Why does Ellen invite Starletta to her "new mama's" foster home? Ellen wants to prove to Starletta that she loves her despite her skin color
What does Ellen's "new mama" do for Starletta's visit? She embroiders "S" for Starletta on the towels because Ellen likes fancy towels
How is Dora described? Spoiled rotten and unkind to Ellen and she still wets her pants and believes in Santa Claus
What Christmas gift does Nadine buy for Ellen? A package of art paper only because she says Ellen is "hard to buy for"-Ellen throws this at her feet and decides she is through with Nadine and Dora
What Christmas gift did Ellen make for Nadine and Dora? A picture of cute kittens and cats
How does Ellen get revenge on Dora on Christmas Day? She tells her she [Ellen] has a boyfriend who gave her gifts because she knows Dora cannot get a boyfriend but wants one
What does Ellen keep for herself that she doesn't share with anyone? Her microscope and slides
When Ellen leaves Nadine and Dora's on Christmas Day, what does she wear to her "new mama's?" Her new dress because she wants to make a good impression on her "new mama" and impress her
What does Ellen offer to her "new mama" so that she can stay in her stable home? Ellen's life savings
Why does Ellen choose her new name "Foster"? She mistakenly thinks that Foster is the actual last name of her "new mama's" family
What does Ellen realize about Starletta at the end? Ellen realizes that Starletta has had a more difficult life than Ellen has because she lives on the fringes of society due to racial discrimination
The author's attitude ["voice"] toward life is known as _______. TONE-novel is written from the 1st Person Point of View told by Ellen
A truth about life that the author makes a point of is the ___________ of the novel. THEME; 2 themes in this novel are: family, life & friends AND growing up with determination and resiliency [example-Ellen]
Why is Ellen bigoted toward Starletta and her family? She was brought up to look down on those in the black community, but Ellen learns that racism is wrong
How does Ellen show her religious faith? She talks to God and asks for help to make things right in her life when she feels misjudged and powerless
What is the SETTING of this novel? Rural South in the 1970's
What are 2 major conflicts in the novel? Ellen vs. Family & Ellen vs. Society
What technique does the author use to show Ellen's past experiences? FLASHBACK - allows Ellen to go back into her past and tell the reader about past experiences
Who is Mavis? Black lady who helps Ellen work in the fields and tells Ellen stories about Ellen's mother when she was a young girl
Who is the author of the novel? Kaye Gibbons
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