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Verbs 701-800

French verbs 701-800

to assimilate, take in assimiler
to compare someone/something assimiler qqn/qqch à
to link (something with), associate associer (qqch à)
to darken assombrir
to knock out, stun assommer
to match assortir
to nod off s'assoupir
to soften assouplir
to deafen assourdir
to assume, accept assumer
to atomize atomiser
to sit down at a table (for a meal) s'attabler
to tie up attacher
to attack attaquer
to delay attarder
to dawdle, fall behind schedule s'attarder
to harness (horses) atteler
to expect s'attendre à
to inspire pity, tenderize (meat) attendrir
to relieve, lighten atténuer
to land atterrir
to testify attester
to make lukewarm attiédir
to attribute to attribuer à
to sadden attrister
to auscultate, listen to someone's chest ausculter
to automate automatiser
to authorize autoriser
to swallow avaler
to advance (oneself) s'avancer
to favor avantager
to venture aventurer
to prove/turn out to be s'avérer
to warn about avertir de
to blind aveugler
to degrade, depreciate avilir
to notify aviser
to notice, become aware s'aviser
to enliven, excite aviver
to be close to, border avoisiner
to abort avorter
to admit avouer
to gossip about babiller sur
to cram for an exam bachoter
to botch up bâcler
to exchange banter, jest badiner
to flout, scorn bafouer qqn
to stammer bafouiller
to guzzle, eat like a pig bâfrer
to argue, wrangle bagarrer
to bathe baigner
to yawn bâiller
to gag, muzzle bâillonner
to kiss, have intercourse baiser
to take for a walk balader
to stroll se balader
to slash balafrer
to stammer balbutier
to mark a path, mark off baliser
to jolt, bounce around ballotter
to make commonplace, trivialize banaliser
bander to bandage, blindfold
to banish from bannir de
to baptize baptiser
to jabber,speak badly baragouiner
to sweet-talk baratiner
to bore barber
to daub barbouiller de
to bar barrer
to topple over basculer
to base upon baser sur
to battle batailler
to beat with a stick bâtonner
to drool, dribble baver
to dig out/up bêcher
to peck becqueter
to stammer bégayer
to profit from/by bénéficier de
to rock bercer
to drudge, work hard besogner
to low, bellow beugler
to butter beurrer
to roar with laughter se bidonner
to bifurcate, fork bifurquer
to bivouac bivouaquer
to joke blaguer
to become indifferent to se blaser de
to blaspheme blasphémer
to become pale blêmir
to turn blue bleuir
to shield, armor blinder
to blog bloguer
to become blond, bleach hair blondir
to block up bloquer
to cuddle se blottir
to bluff bluffer
to wind, spool bobiner
to limp boiter
to bombard bombarder
to leap bondir
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