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Verbs 401-501

French verbs 401-501

to respond, to reply, to answer répondre
to rest se reposer
to take again, to take back, to recover, to resume reprendre
to reprimand, to rebuke réprimander
to reproduce reproduire
to resolve, to solve résoudre
to resemble, to be like, to look like ressembler
to remain, to stay; to be left over rester
to retain, to keep, to detain, to hold back retenir
to draw (out) again, to pull again retirer
to retire, to withdraw se retirer
to return, to go back, to turn again retourner
to succeed, to result réussir
to wake up se réveiller
to come back revenir
to dream rêver
to see again, to see once more revoir
to laugh rire
to break, to burst, to shatter, to break off rompre
to blush, to redden rougir
to roll, to roll along, to drive (a car), to ride along rouler
to seize, to grasp, to comprehend saisir
to soil, to dirty salir
to satisfy satisfaire
to jump, to leap sauter
to rescue, to save sauver
to run away, to rush off, to escape se sauver
to know (how) savoir
to dry sécher
to shake, to shake down (off) secouer
to help, to relieve, to succor secourir
to seduce séduire
to sojourn, to live somewhere temporarily séjourner
to feel, to smell, to perceive sentir
to separate séparer
to grasp, to press, to squeeze, to shake (hands) serrer
to serve, to be useful servir
to serve oneself, to help oneself (to food and drink) se servir
to whistle, to hiss, to boo siffler
to point out, to signal signaler
to sign signer
to dream, to think songer
to ring sonner
to go out, to leave sortir
to blow, to pant, to prompt (an actor/actress with a cue) souffler
to suffer, to endure souffrir
to wish souhaiter
to dirty, to muddy, to soil souiller
to submit soumettre
to smile sourire
to remember, to recall se souvenir
to suck sucer
to follow suivre
to beg, to beseech, to implore, to supplicate supplier
to hold up, to prop up, to support, to endure, to tolerate supporter
to surprise surprendre
to survive survivre
to fly over survoler
to be silent, to be quiet, not to speak se taire
to dye teindre
to telephone téléphoner
to strain, to stretch, to tighten, to tend tendre
to hold, to grasp tenir
to tempt, to attempt, to try tenter
to terminate, to finish, to end terminer
to draw out, to shoot, to pull tirer
to fall tomber
to twist tordre
to touch, to affect toucher
to turn tourner
to cough tousser
to translate traduire
to betray trahir
to milk, to draw (milk) traire
to treat, to negotiate traiter
to transmit, to transfer transmettre
to work travailler
to traverse, to cross traverser
to cheat, to trick tricher
to be mistaken, to be wrong (about something) se tromper
to find trouver
to be located, to be situated se trouver
to kill tuer
to use tu when speaking, to be on familiar terms with tutoyer
to unite, to join unir
to utilize, to use, to make use of, to put to use utiliser
to vanquish, to conquer vaincre
to be worth, to be as good as, to deserve, to merit, to be equal to valoir
to sell vendre
to avenge venger
to come venir
to pour verser
to clothe, to dress vêtir
to grow old, to become old, to age vieillir
to visit visiter
to live vivre
to see voir
to fly, to steal voler
to want vouloir
to use vous when speaking, to be on formal or polite terms with someone vouvoyer
to travel voyager
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