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HRM Ch. 11

Other Review

Head rational part – how employees connect with the goals and values of the company
Hands employee’s willingness to contribute to the organization’s success
Heart emotional connection between the employee and employer
Employee Engagement Gauges the level of connection employees feel with their employer and their willingness to help the company be successful
Electronic Trespassing and Employee Privacy concerns about misuse of company time and property
Discipline Without Punishment Step 1 Issue an oral reminder.
Discipline Without Punishment Step 2 Issue the employee a formal written reminder.
Discipline Without Punishment Step 3 Give a paid one-day “decision-making leave”.
Discipline Without Punishment Step 4 If no further incidents occur in the next year or so, the one-day paid suspension is purged from the person’s file. If behaviour is repeated, dismissal is required.
Termination Interview Guidelines Step 1 Plan the interview carefully
Termination Interview Guidelines Step 2 Get to the point
Termination Interview Guidelines Step 3 Describe the situation
Termination Interview Guidelines Step 4 Listen
Termination Interview Guidelines Step 5 Carefully review all elements of the severance package
Termination Interview Guidelines Step 6 Identify the next step
Dismissal Procedures provide warnings before termination (final warning in writing), prepare a checklist of company property to be accounted for, change security codes and locks, for mass dismissal, prepare news release, decide beforehand how to inform coworkers.
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