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HRM Ch. 11


Constructive dismissal the employer makes unilateral changes in the employment contract that are unacceptable to the employee, even though the employee has not been formally terminated.
Contractual rights rights arising out of an employment or union contract.
Dismissal involuntary termination of an employee’s employment.
Downward communication information about various aspects of an organization that is initiated by management and then proceeds down through the hierarchy.
Employee rights rights belonging to the employee guaranteed by law, contract, or hiring conditions that relate to the employees’ working conditions.
Employment contract a contract defining the terms of the employment relationship for both the employer and the employee.
Fair treatment programs employer programs that are aimed by ensuring all employees are treated fairly, generally by providing formalized, well-documented, and highly publicized vehicles through which employees can appeal any eligible issues.
Group termination laws laws that require an employer who is terminating a large group of employees to give them more notice than is required for termination of an individual employee.
Insubordination willful disregard or disobedience of the boss’s authority or legitimate orders; criticizing the boss in public.
Just cause a legally defensible reason or cause
Layoff The temporary withdrawal of employees from workers for economic or business reasons.
Management-by-walking-around managers leave their offices to learn from tohers in the organization to address questions by having casual, face-to-face conversations.
Management rights managements right to run the business and make those decisions necessary to do so.
Open door program a fair treatment program that gives every employee the right to appeal the actions of his or her supervisor by taking the concern of successively higher levels of management.
Outplacement counselling a systematic process by which a terminated person is trained and counselled in the techniques of self-appraisal and securing a new position.
Restrictive covenant a clause added to an employment contract to restrict employees’ activities once they are no longer employed by the company.
Statutory rights rights established by legislation.
Termination interview the interview in which an employee is informed that he or she has been dismissed.
Upward communication communication that begins with employees and proceeds up through the organization as a way of informing/influencing management.
Wrongful dismissal an employee dismissal that does not comply with the law or does not comply with a written or implied contractual arrangement.
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