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Verbs 601-700

French verbs 601-700 (expirer is an extra term)

to harden, season (soldiers) aguerrir
to entice, seduce aguicher
to sharpen aiguiser
to astound, stun ahurir
to sour aigrir
to orient, steer aiguiller
to goad aiguillonner
to magnetize aimonter
to postpone ajourner
to adjust ajuster
to alarm alarmer
to warn about alerter de
to alienate aliéner
to align aligner
to feed with alimenter de
to breast-feed, nurse (infant), suckle (animal) allaiter
to stimulate someone's appetite allécher
to ease, lighten alléger
to ally, tie together allier
to stretch out allonger
to allocate, grant allouer
to light, turn on allumer
to weigh down alourdir de
to teach someone to read and write alphabétiser
to alter, spoil altérer
to alternate alterner
to land on the moon alunir
to coax amadouer
to make thin amaigrir
to moor, tie down amarrer
to amass, pile up amasser
to aspire to ambitionner de
to improve, ameliorate améliorer
to set up, install aménager
to amend, correct amender
to Americanize américaniser
to draw/incite a crowd ameuter
to starch amidonner
to have a slimming effect amincir
to lessen amoindrir
to soften amollir
to amass, pile up amonceler
to start, boot (computer) amorcer
to cushion, soften amortir
to amplify with/by amplifier de
to amputate amputer
to analyze analyser
to anchor ancrer
to annihilate -anéantir -annihiler
to anglicize angliciser
to cause anguish, distress angoisser
to animate animer
to annex annexer
to annul, cancel annuler
to ennoble anoblir
to drone, stumble through a public reading ânonner
to anticipate anticiper
to antedate, backdate antidater
to calm down, pacify apaiser
to inspire pity apitoyer
to make level, smooth aplanir
to flatten aplatir
to impoverish appavrir
to applaud for applaudir de
to apply appliquer
to weigh down appesantir
to fear, grasp, apprehend (legal term) appréhender
to get oneself ready for s'apprêter à qqch
to get ready, prepare apprêter
to tame apprivoiser
to approach, come near s'approcher
to deepen approfondir
to appropriate s'approprier
to supply approvisionner
to lean, press appuyer
to arabize arabiser
to arbitrate, referee arbitrer
to lean against s'arc-bouter à
to archive archiver
to arm armer
to cheat, swindle arnaquer
to pace, survey (land) arpenter
to arch, curve arquer
to come to an agreement s'arranger
to secure, tie down arrimer
to claim falsely s'arronger
to round (off) arrondir
to water arroser
to articulate articuler
to spray, sprinkle asperger
to asphyxiate, suffocate asphyxier
to inhale aspirer
to exhale expirer
to clean, make healthier assainir
to season assaisonner
to murder, assasinate assassiner
to drain, dry assécher
to assemble assembler
to swear in assermenter
to subjugate asservir
to assign assigner
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